Daily Feline Prompt: The Luckiest Felines

Who was the first person you encountered today? Write about him or her.


“Tabby, you could at least move a little into the light for a better photo.”

“I am not a feline model Mrs. Human and I did not invite you to take a photo. This is all about the first person I encountered today.”

“So you are going to write about me?”

“I do not write about humans, they are only mentioned as a side dish, or shall I tell everyone how you emptied my recycling tray and filled up my water bowl and vitamin pellets.”

“But you can write about I, me and myself.”

“That is what I mean. Felines do not write about humans, slaves are boring.”

“You could tell everyone what I am wearing.”

“Felines don’t wear things so that is not interesting. You always have the same furless appearance.  If you were striped, had long fluffy fur or silky black fur it would be more interesting. You don’t even have passengers in your furless coat.”

“I hope not, and neither do you.”

“That is because I am a short furred Tabby and give myself a lick at least three times a day. You just have one big lick in the morning in that shower thing and now for something more important. I have wasted enough words on my blog today about humans. I have to keep an eye on Roschti, he is trying to climb up the bird house again and now he has moved to the garden opposite where the human that lives there is chasing him away. No justice for us felines.”

“But I think that Roschti was digging in her herb garden.”

“That’s what herbs are for, to dig into. And now I have wasted enough time with you Mrs. Human. We felines do not do encounters, we just do hiss, fight, eat, sleep and a fur lick. Now and again a tummy tickle is pleasant, did you hear Mrs. Human. Here I am laying on the floor ready for a tummy tickle.”

“At once Tabby.”

Daily Prompt: The Luckiest Felines

Feline Daily Prompt: Teach your feline (Bloggers) well

We all know how to do something well — write a post that teaches readers how to do something you know and/or love to do.


Here is the first lesson. If you notice your human wants to take a photo of you, then walk away. She will follow you with the camera and you may think there is no escape, but she will soon get irritated  because she has no suitable adorable photo of Tiddles to show all her blogging friends. Eventually your human will lose patience and put the camera down, then is your chance to stand on your back legs, wave your front paws and perhaps even twiddle your ears. She will then take the camera in her hands again for a unique photo, but in that moment when she wants to point and shoot, you disappear into the recycling tray.

Another thing to remember is to disappear now and again. Your human begins a search in all sorts of strange places. She thinks you might have been locked in a cupboard. To be quite honest I have been locked in a cupboard, but it was a nice cupboard: closed in by four walls and on a comfortable soft cushion of pullovers. Scratch on the door when you want to be released and do not forget to draw a few threads from the pullovers before you leave. We call that leaving your mark. In this connection a pile of washing ready to be ironed is also to be recommended, although it could be that the human dislikes feline fur traces left on the linen. Just walk away it is a human problem, and they things called brushes which they can use to remove the fur. Personally I find a fur layer enhances the washing surface.

The human may still be searching for you. If only she would raise her head. She would see that you have taken the pole position in your apartment where you can watch every move the human makes.  In that case a further lesson, always be one paw ahead.

Now the most important thing. If you hear the sound of the tin opener, be prepared. Of course there are tins that humans open for themselves, but you can never be too careful. It might be the tin containing the tuna fish, and we felines do not want to miss out on a dish of tuna fish.

Daily Feline Prompt: Teach your Feline Bloggers Well

Daily Feline Prompt: I can’t stay mad at you – Suspicious Felines

Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?


“Of course I never hold grudges Mrs. Human. As long as my food bowl is full and there is enough water, what could there be to forgive. On the other hand, I do think you take liberties with my food supplies.”

“But Tabby you always have enough to eat.”

“That is not my problem. I just find that there are some humans that do not understand the needs of a feline. Did Bastet eat vitamin pellets? No, definitely not. And what about my ancestors that were worshipped as gods? They would have tipped vitamin pellets into their litter tray.”

“Yes, but Tabby, in the days of Bastet and being worshipped as a god there were no vitamin pellets.”

“Exactly, that all arrived afterwards, when it was forgotten that we are gods and we were not created to swallow pellets. We felines were destined for something better, our dainty palettes need to be pampered with real food. What’s for dinner this evening?”

“Your bowl is always full, you can eat when you want to.”

“That is not an answer to my question. Do you humans always have to ignore our needs. I remember only last year when you did not serve tuna fish for a complete week some time in winter. We now have Winter again, so do not repeat the experience.”

“You remember what you ate, or didn’t eat, last Winter.?

“Of course. I might not hold grudges, but we felines register it all in our whiskers and never forget. It is all marked in my diary.”

“You have a diary?”

“Of course. But not a diary like humans, it is an online diary tucked away in the diary section of my brain, where the telepathic department is. I can see it before me, 12th December 2014, no tuna fish served until 19th December 2014. Not that I hold a grudge, but it is imprinted on my circuits.”

“But I think it was snowing then and I could not go shopping with the car.”

“That has nothing to do with it. There are busses and even trains. I will never forget that as long as I have my 9 lives, well at least 6 of them. I think a couple got lost on the way.”

“Ok, Tabby, but this evening there is tuna fish.”

“Of course there is, it is Wednesday and on Wednesday there is always tuna fish. Not  that I would hold a grudge if you did not serve tuna fish, I might recycle somewhere else than my recycling tray, just to make a point.”

Daily Feline Prompt: I can’t stay mad at you – Suspicious Felines

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Seat Guru

You get to plan a dinner party for 4-8 of your favorite writers/artists/musicians/other notable figures, whether dead or alive. Who do you seat next to whom in order to inspire the most fun evening?


“No way. I am the best inspiration for a fun evening.”

“Tabby you can really be asocial sometimes.”

“I am probably asocial at all times. Now that word does exist in meow written in capital letters in red and underlined with a thick whisker. We felines do not socialise. Imagine sitting around an oversized food bowl with Roschti, Tiddles, Butch, Priscilla and the rest. We could just as well invite Dusty from across the pond and his two canine colleagues. I am sure we would all get on like a house on fire, and I mean that in the literal sense of the word. Mrs. Human, you get it. We felines like to be amongst ourselves, and I mean I, me and myself.”

“But you must feel lonely sometimes Tabby, without having same feline playmates.”

“Now you are going a little over the psychological understanding of the feline. How often must I tell you, we never play.”

“But you like to chase a ball around on the floor.”

“That is a rehearsal for the real thing, when we have the mouse or bird cornered.”

“And what about the delightful games you play with the toys stuffed with catnip.”

“Some call it delightful, others call it getting high. The catnip is in a toy? Never noticed that part of the deal. All I know that is after one or two sniffs, the world is mine to take. Butterflies wing their way between my ears, my whiskers are like electric wires and I am a god again, like in the old country. Who needs a dinner party – just a plate of tuna fish and as a desert a twig of catnip and I sit next to myself for my fun evening, especially when I see double after the catnip.”

Daily Prompt: Feline Seat Guru

Daily Feline Prompt: Literate for a feline day

Someone or something you can’t communicate with through writing (a baby, a pet, an object) can understand every single word you write today, for one day only. What do you tell them?


“Tabby what are you looking at through the window?”

“I am window watching.”

“Window watching?”

“Yes, it’s something similar to wall watching, but windows are more interesting to converse with. They have a larger perspective.”

“Walls also have a perspective.”

“Not always, it depends whether they reach our wave length. Some walls are feline absorbent, and others not. Windows are completely different. They animate my thoughts.”

“You mean, because you see the outside world.”

“No, of course not. If I want to join the outside world I walk through my feline flap, and that is surrounded by window.”

“So why do you watch windows?”

“Don’t ask silly questions. I am talking to the window.”

“Oh, but I hear nothing.”

“Mrs. Human are you telepathic?”

“Of course not, telepathy does not exist.”

“That is the problem with humans, they believe nothing. The window just told me to ignore the human infiltration and just persevere with looking.”

“But windows don’t talk.”

“It was a thought exchange through the window pane. Am I bothering you with my intellectual thought exchanges with the window? And now the window has sent a message that you should open it to enable me to leave. I will be back in about five minutes. Just taking a walk around my territoriy, so the window said you do not have to bother to close it again until I arrive home. OK? Look there is a wall across the path, must do some wall watching. It looks like an interesting wall and I am sure it will have a lot to tell me.”

“Is it because I am a stupid human, or is it because I just do not understand the feline way of thought. I think I will ask my fridge what it thinks.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Literate for a Feline Day

Daily Feline Prompt: Non-Regional Feline Diction

Write about whatever you’d like, but write using regional slang, your dialect, or in your accent.


“Tabby, where are you?”


“That is not an answer, where are you?”

“Meow, meow.”


“Meow, meow, meow. What is the matter Mrs. Human, don’t you understand meow. That means I am in my pole position on top of the cupboard keeping an eyes on everything. I thought you understood meow.”

“I do Tabby, but that was a different meow. I could hardly hear it.”

“That was because I was applying my higher powers of telepathic meow. That is the advanced meow. All other felines understand it.”

“But Tabby I am not a feline, but a human.”

“I noticed. Never mind, we cannot all be the chosen now can we? Shame you don’t have four paws, we could visit some wonderful feline hunting grounds. We could hunt mice together.”

“Tabby I do not really want to hunt mice, I have enough to do opening your tins of tuna fish. If I was a feline you would have to abstain from eating tuna fish because your Bastet guy forgot to give you opposable thumbs.”

“Our Bastet was not a guy she was a dame and had her reasons for not giving us opposable thumbs. If she did we would have to open our own tins and the humans would feel even more useless than they already are. MEow, MEow MEow.”

“Ok Tabby I have understood, but you don’t have to stamp your paw. That was an instruction to empty your recycling tray I believe.”

“Yes, you are learning. When we emphasise the ME at the beginning of Meow it means flush the tray in human terms of the word.

Daily Feline Prompt: Non-Regional Feline Diction

Daily Feline Prompt: A Tale of Two Feline Cities

If you could split your time evenly between two places, and two places only, which would these be?

Bird House

“Well that’s an easy one Mrs. Human. We felines have only two cities, inside and out, both having the common denominator Territory.”

“But you used to travel a bit further when you were younger Tabby. I remember searching for you when you did not come home all day.”

“That’s your problem. I knew where I was and that is the main thing. You humans worry too much. Home is where the whiskers are. By the way I see you have at last constructed the cat feeding/sorry bird feeding station in my outside territory.”

“That is for the birds Tabby, and has nothing to do with felines.”

“It is a matter of how you look at it. You can think how beautiful the birds are and they sing: a perfect subject for a photograph or you study their movements, wait for the right moment and hopla, bird for dinner.”

“Tabby it is not a meal on wings for felines. I have the bird station to ensure that the birds have enough to eat throughout the cold winter days.”

“I agree Mrs. Human.”

“You agree?”

“Of course I do. The birds are hungry, they stuff themselves full of wonderful seeds and nutritious nuts soaked in fat. They expand and get nice and fat. A delightful meal for a feline, could not be better.”

“But I do not feed them to supply you with food Tabby.”

“That is the difference between humans and felines. You go to town with Mr. Human and spend money on a good meal in a restaurant. It might even be chicken or pheasant that you eat. Perhaps something from a cow. I am glad for you both, enjoy your food. In the meanwhile I stay at home, take a trip to the outside, sit in the garden and wait for a nice fat bird that flies past. I don’t even have to cook it and no-one has to serve it. We felines are very independent.”

“Tabby if your harm one feather on a birds wing you will have problems with me.”

“Don’t worry Mrs. Human, we felines don’t eat feathers, they tend to stick in our throats. We prefer pure meat.”

Daily Feline Prompt: A Tale of Two Feline Cities