Feline RDP Friday: Insipid feline


Food glorious food
But I only lick the juice
The rest I have to chew
It really has no use
The liquid is so tasty
Full of flavours galore
The meat is so exhausting
I must chew it more
I find it quite insipid
I could almost call it bland
It sometimes comes from a packet
But often it is canned
The real essence of eating
is when you kill it yourself
but Mrs. Human says it’s brutal
Although much better for health

Feline RDP Friday: Insipid feline

Feline RDP Thursday: Feline Pebbles


Beautiful Pebbles
Smooth and round beneath my paws
Radiating warmth
An invitation to sleep
And to dream of a tenth life

“Sounds good Tabby.”

“My first attempt at a tanka Mrs. Human. I am making progress. The next step will be a Purrkle.”

“A Purrkle?”

“All the Japanese cats write purrkles, it is based on a meow mixed with purrs. but only for the advanced feline poets like myself.”

Feline RDP Thursday: Feline Pebbles