Feline RDP Tuesday: Lofty Feline


I was destined for high places
Royalty is in my blood
It has a tinge of blue
And is definitely not like mud
My mum was a queen
But made a big mistake
On the night when it happened
She was not quite awake
So dad was a tabby with stripes
That looked exactly like mine
Mum said it made no difference
They were both lofty on cloud nine

Feline RDP Tuesday: Lofty

Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Marble


Deep relaxing sleep
A big, furry hairball rolls
Felines don’t need marbles

“Tabby that is really not so nice.”

“Mrs. Human, hairballs are a wonderful creation. Each one has its one individual formation.”

“But you cannot compare a hairball with the wonderful smooth surface of a marble.”

“It is a matter of taste. I prefer the hairball composition, they are more versatile, according to the ingredients and they leave their own individual marks when they roll.”

Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Marble

Feline RDP Friday: Hiking Feline


And so the brave feline made her way, undaunted, ready to fight her way throughout the grasslands. Every paw step was analyse by counting every blade of grass  Would it be safe to march on ahead, would there be dangers lurking in the high grass.  And then she crossed the field. Now it was wide open country, no protection and it began to rain. She also heard a dog barking nearby.

She made her choice. Should she stand her ground and prepare for a fight to the bitter end? She saw the dog approaching, it was barking and its tongue was hanging out. The rain was falling heavier. She made her decision.

Picking up her ears and sniffing the air she finally saw the welcome sight of the cat flap. She was now in her own territory. Yes, she meowed to herself, hiking is great but home is even better. She charged through the cat flap. She gave herself a wash, curled up and slept to recover from the exertions of the hike in her home and postponed the idea of further excursions, at least until the dog disappeared.

Feline RdP Friday: Hiking Feline