Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Learning

Tabby 22.08.2016

You put the left paw out
The right paw stays in
Close Your eyes
And sleep will win

It is quite easy
I learned it as a kitten
My mum said it was the best
With sleep I was smitten

Mum really taught me a lot
She said you have a tongue
So lick away on the paw
You begin to have some fun

Wipe the paw behind the ear
The fur becomes so clean
Do not forget the whiskers
Those you must carefully preen

Now it will become quite tricky
All felines learn the art
Sit and take it easy
and lick the private part

My mum knew how to do it
Even how to climb a wall
I remember the day when it happened
And I produce my first hair ball

You can really learn anything
you just have to know the how
I remember the very first time
I produced the perfect meow

I had to do some practice
It made the neighbours swoon
But I remember the night very well
It was because it was a full moon

Are you listening all the kittens
You must always have a wish
There will always be a reward
You will get a tuna fish dish

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Learning

Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Fifty


“Tabby do you realise that you are now 72 years old?”

“Rubbish, Mrs. Human, you are as old as you feel and we do not count years but lives. I have now lived at least half of my lives, according to the feline law, and things going well, there are still a few lives left. Of course, that is the earthly life, but there is also the non-earthly lives and that could add up to a few years more. In any case gods do not die, they live forever, so what’s the problem?”

“But according to the computer one year of a feline life is more than one year of a human life.

“Which life are you talking about Mrs. Human. You have to regard the age of a feline based on nine lives. Of course, when I get promoted and get my 10th life, then it all begins again. In the meanwhile many tins of tuna will be eaten before my tenth life arrives. How many lives do humans have?”

“We just get the one life Tabby.”

“That is not a good deal, I would complain.”

“That’s the way life is Tabby.”

“This is a problem. It means I will have to concentrate my efforts in human education. If you only get the one life, then we should not waste time. Perhaps you could do a night shift now and again.”

“No tabby, I am here for your needs 12 hours a day and the rest I sleep.”

“Perhaps you could practice cat sleep. You then get the benefit of being awake and sleeping at the same time. We call it infinity sleep, being ready for action at all times.”

“I don’t quite get that one.”

“It is easy Mrs. Human. You go to bed, but when you hear me scratching at the bedroom door, you are immediately there for my needs and comfort. You could even fit an extra meal in during the night, just something light. We do not like heavy nocturnal meals.”

“It seems to me you are quite fit for your 72 years, which are actually 14 in human years, so I think you can manage quite well on your own during the night.”

“But, we need full care and attention at all times, especially when we become old and frail.”

“Nothing old and frail Tabby, remember you were worshipped as gods and they are immortal.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Fifty

Daily Feline Prompt: The feline water


This is your bowl of water: not just any water, but yours, the water you must first of all examine with a careful eye, and nose. Does it look good, nothing unwanted floating on the surface: does it smelll OK, no strange aromas of other felines or impurities. It is also advisable to listen. Perhaps you can hear a soft throbbing, a hum, even a squeak. I know it is not possible, but do not trust a bowl of water until you have made a thorough examination. Humans do all sorts of strange things and call it improvement, I like my water pure, not shaken.


Before tasting the water, place your paw in the bowl carefully. How is the temperature? Is it too cold, too warm, the correct blood temperature. The paws are sinsitive organs and notice immediately if something is wrong. They are tuned to the correct temperatures at all time, and never let you down.


And now the final test. The tasting of the water. Lick it gently from the paw,, but do not swallow yet. Absorb the temperature, the consistency, and ask yourself “am I jeopardising one of my nine lives by drinking this water, will I survive, will I become the feline taster of the year.” Not all felines are gifted with such taste organs as myself.


This is the face of a happy feline, a feline that has tasted the water and found it to be perfect. A feline that knows what belongs to the art of water tasting. A feline that has tasted many waters, but has discovered that the best water is only to be judged by the paw test.

Felines do not jeopardise your choice of water by just drinking any water. Be sure that the composition, temperature and consistency is perfect and above all it must breathe. Do not be lead astray by water from a bottle. An open supply of water is the most perfect. Let it absorb the atmosphere, the vitality of the fresh air. Of course if there is nothing else available then drinking from the human tap is also OK. After all water is only water really.

Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Water

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Youth


“Tabby, where have your youthful days gone, when you would spring around, chase after insects in flight and jump to catch a fly or butterfly. All you do now is sleep almost all day.”

“Things are not what they used to be Mrs. Human. Even I feel my age in my whiskers. I leave such exploits to the kittens. There is a time in the  ninth life of a feline when you conserve your energy for more important tasks.”

“And what do you consider more important Tabby?”

“Oh there are many on my whisker list.”

“You have a whisker list?”

“Yes, humans have a bucket list, we have a whisker list.

Take a ride on the back of a dog
Meet Garfield in person
Play the leading role as the heroine in a feline movie, something like “Gone with the Paw”
Write a bestselling book “How I learned to stop eating tuna fish and came to love vitamin pellets”
Light fireworks on a day when the humans want peace and quiet (revenge therapy)
Scratch your vet whilst he is preparing a jab
Put an electric fence around your territory to stop other felines intruding
Invent the paw friendly tin operner.
Buy an aquarium for your own private tuna fish.”

“Is that all Tabby?”

“Not quite, I am still thinking about some more.”

“I am glad you did not include me on the list and write “ban humans”.

“Definitely not Mr. Human. I would never be so cruel – to myself. I need a human slave to take care of my needs, whilst I am sleeping. By the way I plan to use my recycling tray in five minutes. Be ready for the cleaning process afterwards.”

“Of course Tabby, same litter as always?”

“Yes, although I read on my pawpad that you can now get litter with catmint scent added.”

“Is that a good idea Tabby? You might get high and forget to leave the tray afterwards.”

“That’s true Mrs.Human, you could perhaps put some in a separate tray, a sort of appetite encourager, before I enter the recycling tray for the real thing.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline youth

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline eyes


“Mrs. Human, where is my bowl of tuna fish?”

“In front of your eyes Tabby.”


“Oh, sorry, I forgot that all felines are short sighted and see clearly only objects that are far away.”

“Are you insinuiating that I do not have perfect sight?”

“Of course not Tabby, insinuating does not come into the question. It is common knowledge that felines do not see clearly in front of their nose. They are creatures of the night, can see in the dark, and are able to notice a mouse at the end of the garden. It is only the objects in front of their nose where they have problems.”

“If that was true Mrs. Human, I would starve to death.”

“No problem tabby, as long as you can smell everything with your nose.”

“But you must admit that I have beautiful eyes, clear and perfectly formed. How comes you wear second eyes in front of your normal eyes?”

“They are my glasses Tabby, as my eyes are no longer so good for seeing things clearly. The glasses magnify everything and I can see better.”

“So if I wear glasses, I will no longer be so short sighted and see my bowl of tuna fish quite clearly.”

“I do not think that would work Tabby. You would have to have your eyes tested, probably by the vet, and have them measured for the correct magnification.”

“You go to a vet for your glasses?”

“No Tabby, I go to the optician, but you would have to go to the vet. And felines do not wear glasses. Where are you going?”

“I can see a mouse family on the other side of the field, might be an interesting hunt.”

“I cannot see any mice Tabby, where?”

“In front of your eyes Mrs. Human, perhaps you are short sighted.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Eyes

Daily Feline Prompt: Meow Moon


“Tabby what are you meowing at. You are waking up the whole neighbourhood.”

“Mrs. Human, I am practicing. It will be a full moon tonight. You are not a genuine feline unless you have a strong meow to accompany the moon.”

Meow, meow, I can make you all swoon
Tonight is the night when I call the full moon
There is something in my whiskers that tells me to sing
I am a true feline, this is the real thing
A bird can tweet, a mouse can squeak
We felines are the best, our voice is not meek
There is something in a moon, that guides our cause
We can meow high or low, you can hear us through walls
This is our song to seranade the night
When the moon is round we are ready to fight
My mum met my dad at such a time
He was meowing quite loud, it was a fine rhyme
It was only a short visit, but mum was smitten
A few weeks later she gave birth to a kitten
There is a lot to be said for singing to the moon
Mum and dad got the message, they both had a swoon

“Tabby did you compose that song yourself.”

“Of course I did, I call it song to the moon.”

“What about your mum and dad, did they sing it as well.”

“No idea Mrs. Human. I cannot remember my mum and she could not remember my dad either.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Meow Moon

Daily Feline Prompt: The ghost of the paws



“What’s wrong Tabby?”

“Mrs. Human, they are coming to get me.”

“Who are coming to get you?”

“Them, they, all of them, the ones we do not see, unless they want to be seen. They have no head, no tail, just paws, that tread lightly and pounce in the dark. The outlines are very misty, and they only appear when we sleep.”

“Then it is just a nightmare Tabby, and nothing to worry about. We humans often have nightmares.”

“You cannot compare a majestic, once-worshipped-as-gods feline with a mere human. We do not have nightmares, because our sleeping constuction does not depend on night, but when we must rest our brains to collect energy for our waking times. We have permanent mares. Do not forget a feline sleeps 23 hours and has only an hour spare to eat, drink, and search for a sleeping place. We have meowmares, and when they arrive they are not just something to ignore, or a mere mist in the darkness of our sleeping hours. We must be aware of them and do what we can to stop them taking over. Look Mrs. Human, over there in the corner, you can see them.”

“I see nothing Tabby, just an empty corner, and an old spider’s web, which I must clear away.”

“No, Mrs. Human, they are there, the paws, waiting to pounce. What are you doing with that brush?”

“I am clearning the spider’s web away.”

“No, be careful, they might grab you as well and what shall I do then? I will have no human slave to empty my recycling tray or fill my bowls with food.”

“No worry Tabby, Only felines have meowmares, humans have nightmares, and they only appear at night when we sleep.”

“How do you know Mrs. Human? You have no idea what prowls and paws it way around in your bedroom when you are sleeping.”

“Neither do you Tabby.”

“But I hear things inside your bedroom when you are sleeping: strange low noises, as if a saw were in operation. Beware, they are the body snatchers, planning to take you away. And then what would I do? There is only one remedy Mrs. Human, to keep us both safe. You leave your bedroom door open at night and I will keep a watchful eye on you.”

“Forget it Tabby. All you want is another comfotable sleeping place, and I am not sharing my bed with you during the night. I have to share enough with you during the day.”

“But the paws, Mrs. Human, think of the paws – they will come and get you.”

“No way Tabby, we humans have hands with opposable thumbs to be able to use tin operners to open the tins of tuna fish – remember.”

“Ok, Ok, it was just a try, but the paws are still there you know.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Ghost of the Paws