Nursery Rhyme – Tiddles the Cat

Nera moon

I am Tiddles the cat
I am not fat
In fact I drink no milk
I live in a house
and eat only mouse
My fur is just like silk

To sleep all day
Is my favourite way
At night I go to town
I dress myself well
Looking really swell
I never wear a frown

The ladies love me
But I am carefree
They stand in rows for my glance
I know I look great
But that is just fate
Young lady would you like to dance?

The lady cats swoon
When we look at the moon
Paw in paw I walk them home
But I am the best
Let me be your guest
Together we will roam

Please do not weep
I must have some sleep
To recover from the busy night
I dream of mice
not once but twice
I am beautiful, my fur is white

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