Nera having a sun bathe “Mrs. Human, just show me where the zip is”

“What zip Nera cat?”

“When you humans are hot you always take something off. Sometimes you just show skin with a few pieces of fur, called bikini or swimsuit. We cats also get hot, and I want to take my fur coat off. There must be a zip or some buttons somewhere.”

“No, sorry Nera, it’s not like that when you are a cat. You are born with the fur and you keep it for always. If you are really too hot, Mr. Human can take you to the vet. The vet will put you to sleep and give you a short back and sides. Then you won’t feel so hot any more.”

“No, Mrs. Human, unless Mr. Human has a death wish, I will not go with him to the vet and have my hair cut off. Vets stink, have no manners and no self respecting cat goes voluntarily to a vet. That is only when we are in dire straits, which is seldom according to Bast’s law.”

“She is right” said Nera’s litter sister Tabby. “Visits to vets are certainly not for a hair cut, unless of course you happen to have an overgrowth of fur, known as fluff, which my sister Nera has.”

“Hisssss, Tabby I do not have an overgrowth of fur. It is my normal shiny silky coat. You are just jealous as a short haired common Tabby cat with a MacDonalds “M” on your forehead.”

“Nera, at the moment I am glad to be a common tabby cat with short fur. I don’t have to lay on my back to cool down, or start searching for a zip.”

“What’s the problem Nera” said Fluffy cat. “I have long fur as well, although I am a special Selkirk Rex cat, known for our long silky curly fur. I don’t have problems in the hot weather. My fur is very special you know, sort of thermally controlled. If it is hot, it cools you down, and in Winter it warms you.”

“Fluffy you do not have to show off. You look like you put your paw in an electric socket, Curls? my paw. Just a freak of nature.” and Nera emphasised the remark with a tail swish.

“Ok cats, cool down” said Mrs. Human. “This conversation is leading nowhere. although I must say Nera you are exaggerating just a little bit. Just stay where you are cooling down on your back. Mr. Human is now on his way with a pair of scissors to snip some fur away. Then you will feel much better.”

“Forget it Mrs. Human, no way.”

“Or we can organise a visit to the vets.”

“Ok, ok, I give up, but make sure Mr. Human is careful. I want to look my usual beautiful self afterwards and not as if I got caught in a lawn mower.”

Yes, we all seem to have our problems in the hot weather.

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