Creative Challenge #222 – Yesterday

Tabby with rainwater

“Tabby, what were we doing yesterday”.
“Nera, how should I know. We are cats, yesterday does not exist in our language. We don’t even remember what we did five minutes ago.”
“Oh” and Nera looked quite puzzled. “How comes Mrs. Human wants to write something about yesterday. Do humans have yesterdays Tabby?”
“Of course they do” and Fluffy arrived in a fluffy cloud as usual. “All humans have yesterdays.”
“How comes you know that Fluffy, you are a cat and we don’t have yesterdays.”
“I know Tabby, but humans do. They are always talking about what they did yesterday. Sometimes they talk about yesterdays and it might be tomorrow and then yesterday would be today. It is all human logic” and Fluffy was pleased that at last she knew something more than Nera and Tabby.
“Err Fluffy, that does not sound so logical to me. How can today be yesterday if it isn’t tomorrow already. And anyhow, as a super high intelligent top feline the words yesterday, today and tomorrow do not exist in meow.” Nera was sure she now had the last word.
“I don’t think so Nera” said Fluffy. “How comes I hear Mr. Human telling Mrs. Human that today we are not getting tuna fish, but tomorrow, because we had it yesterday already. Therefore, yesterday was an important day.”
“Really? In that case yesterday we had tuna fish, but I don’t remember. What do you think Tabby?”
“No idea Nera, but I do remember having tuna fish some time in the past. Thinking it over, I often had tuna fish in the past.”
“In that case we might have to introduce the word “yesterday” in meow.”
“No Nera, I don’t think so. Otherwise Humans might think about striking the word “tuna fish” from their language.”
“Tabby why?”
“Because if we introduce yesterday, they will tell us we had tuna fish yesterday and that would mean that there would be no tuna fish any more because yesterday we had it and if it is tomorrow, they would tell us again there is no tuna fish because we had it yesterday.”
Fluffy scratched behind her ear, as she always did when she had a problem and looked at Tabby.
“I think I lost the thread there Tabby. On the other hand, let’s be pleased that we cats don’t have yesterdays. Makes life much easier.”
“Well spoken” said Nera, “and I think we spend most of the yesterdays asleep in any case.”

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