It’s a cats’ life. Let’s go to the vets.

Fluffy at the vets

Yes, it was time for the annual visit to the vet for the feline jabs. As we have three cats, we have to split it. We had Nera done at first to get the worst behind us, Tabby and Fluffy are no problem.

“Excuse me Mrs. Human, but I heard that last remark. Are you insinuating that I am a problem feline”. Nera was meowing rather loudly.

“No Nera, but you must admit that when we take Tabby and Fluffy, we don’t have to go to the doctors afterwards for a Tetanus jab. I had to go when I took you about eight years ago, and Mr. Human had to go last week after you turned your head and bit him in the thumb for no reason at all. Not to mention the many scratch marks he had on his arms. That was not exactly combined with no problems.”

“Mrs. Human that was a normal feline reaction. We do not like to be handled as if we were a piece of meat. We have feelings, in our tender parts, and having a needle, no three needles, jabbed into you back is to be met with resistance and warfare. That stands in the book of Bast.” and Nera accompanied the last remark with a stamp of her paw to prove her point.

“Then tell me Nera, why did Fluffy not complain. She just sat still and let her temperature be measured and accepted the jabs with no problem. She is an example to how a good feline should be. No fuss, brave and obedient.”

Nera glared at me if looks could kill and then she once again opened her mouth.

“Mrs. Human, Fluffy lacks a certain feline respectful attitude. Selkirk Rex are very gullible felines, a fluke of nature. Or he thinks like a canine, believing that all human things are perfect. He probaby thinks that it is all for his own good. And what is worst, the vet now thinks that felines are subordinate.”

“But Nera, look how  brave Fluffy was when he had his temperature measured.”

Fluffy having temperature taken

“No hiss, no loud miaow and above all no scratching or biting. He just sat there like a good feline. He deserves an extra portion of tuna for that.”

Did I noticed a red glare in Nera’s yellow globes?

“Hissssss, Mrs. Human. She is a disgrace to the feline nation. I just hope that my litter sister Tabby kept some pose at the vets and maintained our reputation as a species to be respected.”

“Well, sort of Nera” I said. She did give a little resistance to having her injections.”

Tabby gets a jab

“Well done Tabby, at least you showed them what felines are made of.”

“Not quite Nera. The lady vet grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and held me down. I was powerless, lamed, no chance. Then her slave jabbed the needle in my tender part. I had already been through a temperature test. Having a thermometer inserted in your most tender part is not exactly refreshing. Afterwards she looked in my ears, which was an insult. I always clean my ears every day. Then she examined my wonderful pointed sharp teeth. To end all insults they decided to see how heavy I was and put me on the scales. By then I was exhausted, my pride was damaged and I had no fighting strength left.”

“Tabby, but you did try to sink your wonderful pointed fangs into her hand, just to leave your mark behind.”

“Really Nera, I wanted to, but there was no chance. She was holding my neck all the time.”

Nera was quite annoyed and her meow was more hiss than anything else.

“Felines I am ashamed. Today you went into battle and I expected a victory over the vet species. Instead you just  let them do what they wanted. Our feline respect has been damaged, how can we hold our head up high after this defeat. Now I know how Napoleon’s feline felt after losing the battle of Waterloo. Totally dejected. I will need time to conquer this feeling of despair.”

Nera even had tears in her eyes, she was ashamed. Then Fluffy spoke up

“Nera we never had a chance. Tabby and I are just not as brave and strong as you are. We now have another year, and I am sure you will train us to be as courrageous as you are and conquer the evil vet and her slave.”

“Of course, Fluffy” answered Nera “and what about you Tabby?”

“Anything you say Nera, after all you are the leader of the pack.”

Mr. Human put another plaster on his scratches and rubbed his thumb and I thought we are going to have fun next year when we go on the annual visit to the vets. Next time I think we will take each one separately.

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