Cats and Dogs


“Mrs. Human, what are we supposed to do with all those stupid dogs that you have brought home. We are allergic to those inferior animals, remove them from our sight.” And my three cats stamped their paws and miowed in a loud chorus

“But felines, I was talking to the vet and he said that it is a new cure for felines that run away from dogs. It is to show you that they are lovable cuddly animals.”

“Cuddly my paw” said Nera, the chief feline. I don’t need a cure for disliking dogs. I just have to avoid them.”

“She’s right” said Tabby. “Who needs toy dogs, they are second worse to real dogs. Since when are dogs lovable. Their sole objects in life is to obey humans, make loud noises and chase cats. They are stupid to go with it.”

“But Tabby, I think you just misunderstand them. I was thinking of getting a little lost dog for company at home. This collection of toy dogs is to help you to accept the canine problems and to live with a dog together.”

“What!!! Mrs. Human have you been bitten by a mad dog or something. No, no way will I Fluffy accept a canine monster in my household. They are just plain stupid, not able to take a message and report back like us intelligent superior felines, but they actually obey humans, with their tongue hanging out and slopping all over the place. No Mrs. Human, you are not turning our home into a canine playground.”

“Yes but…..” and Nera took over.

“Mrs Human where is this four legged intruder supposed to sleep?”

“I thought I would put a nice comfortable cushion in front of the window. That way he could watch for intruders and bark if someone wanted to break in.”

“Big deal Mrs. Human” said Tabby “what intruders? The only intruders I have ever seen are the felines living nearbye and they respect our territory. A dog does not even know what territory is. It will leave its paw marks all over the place, and if anyone sleeps in a comfortable cushion here it is me and my fellow felines. Dogs sleep outside in a kennel where they belong, if they belong at all. “

“And just to underline the problem Mrs. Human, you are not going to convert our feline home into a canine playground” added Nera.

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