Daily Feline Prompt: Cloning Felines?

If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?

Tabby walking in the garden 31

“Mrs. Human” asked Tabby “what is a clone?”

“Not important Tabby, forget it.”

“But it looks interesting. Seems you can make people twice, even more.”

“Tabby forget it.”

“But Mrs. Human, if it works you could even clone me.”

“Tabby forget it. One Tabby is enough in this household.”

“But one Mrs. Human is enough as well” answered Tabby.

“Go and play in the garden Tabby, there is a lonely bird outside, looks very tasty.”

“Mrs. Human are you trying to get rid of me?”

“Tabby, go into the garden.”

She walked off swishing her tail back and forth and muttering something about Humans not understanding the feline race.

“Mrs. Human”

“She’s back. Yes Tabby, go and play with the bird in the garden.”

“No Mrs. Human, Fluffy is now chasing the bird. I have an important discussion to finish here I do not want a clone preparing my tuna fish, I am sure she will not do it in the right way. I also do not want a clone emptying my litter tray, and I am sure that there is no clone that would be at my beck and call all day.”

“But Tabby, a clone is exactly the same as me, just a sort of double and can do everything I can.”

“In that case tell your clone to write the novel and take the photos. In the meanwhile you could do the housework and carry on being our human servant. Do not forget Mrs. Human, we adopted you. It is an honour to serve two felines, myself and Fluffy the apprentice. We had a discussion and decided we do not want to be left at the mercy of a clone.”

Examining the whole case of cloning, I come to the conclusion that splitting responsibilities does not fit into the feline way of doing things, meaning that having a clone would create a conflict situation at home.

“On the other hand Mrs. Human I have a good idea. If you cloned me I could send my clone out into the fields to catch mice and birds and I could just sleep at home or rest waiting for my fresh meat. Yes, Mrs. Human clone me.”

“But Tabby, you are unique, I do not think that it would be possible.”

“Is unique something good?”

“Yes Tabby, it means there is no other feline like yourself.”

Tabby puffed her fur out, had a scratch and a lick and said “Mrs. Human you may empty my litter tray, serve a plate of tuna fish and afterwards switch the radio off. The noise disturbs my feline relaxation.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Cloning Felines?

13 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Cloning Felines?

    • She looks very much like Tabby. The fluff on the belly comes from her operation which she had as a young cat when it was decided that it would be better without motherhood. Most operated female cats have that.


  1. I’m sure our pack of dogs would entirely agree. Only their Dog Gods would understand their special needs and individual tastes! Who but Garry would get up at the crack of dawn to haul Nan’s aging butt down the stairs? I can see why they would not choose anyone but their faithful servant.

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  2. I have Three Cats as well, Scooter, Daisy, and Mystery. All adopted. I also have three dogs; Merlin, Indiana Jones, and GG. They all get along fine. Daisy has bonded more with GG than the person, me, who feeds here.

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    • I had three cats. Nera and Tabby were litter sisters so they got on well. Fluffy was always the odd one out but Tabby and Fluffy just agree to disagree and avoid close contact so that solves the problems. Nera was always the chief, but she has left us for the etnernal corn chambers.


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