Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Tourists

What’s your dream tourist destination — either a place you’ve been and loved, or a place you’d love to visit? What about it speaks to you?

Roschti the new cat in town

“Roschti, what are you doing on our cat gymnastic centre?”

“Hi Tabby, I am on holiday. It is always good to see what is on the other side of the fence.”

“But not our fence. Mrs. Human Roschti is sleeping on our gymnastic centre.”

“I know Tabby, but she did ask. She found a change of air would do her good. She said you can visit her cat gymnastic centre as well, if you want to.”

“Mrs. Human we are felines and we do not visit each other. At least not without an ulterior motive, like he gets tuna fish every day, or has a diamond studed cat flap, which we have been wanting for a long while. Roschti move, you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Hissss, hiss.”

“Now felines be kind to each other, Roschti is really not doing any harm.”

“Of course he is, he is trespassing in our territory.”

“Tabby what is that ginger freak doing on our cat gymnastic center. I can smell him in the next room.”

“Fluffy, Mrs. Human seems to be having one of those human moments, like “be kind to Roschti day” and I am explaining that we are never kind to Roschti. He smells and is not welcome. Mrs. Human are you going to throw him out or do we and Fluffy have to do it.”

“I thought he could stay for a while. He looks so sweet and comfortable and you were both sleeping in your pole position on top of the cupboard.”

“Hissss, hiss.”

“Oh dear now Roschti is annoyed felines.”

“You bet Mrs. Human, either you or me will throw him out.”

“Hissss, OK, I am going, no peace in this place. Just something I want to do before I leave.”

“Foget it Roschti, no marking on our cat gymnastic centre, we do not need your feline pee, go.”

“Did you see that Mrs. Human, Roschti left breaking all speed records.”

“I think he got worried. Tabby was showing clawed paws and spitting rather loudly.”

“Mrs. Human, we moved in a few years ago and you still don’t know Chapter 1, verse 2 of the book of Bastet.”

“Which is?”

“Mark your territory and do not allow other felines to sleep on your estate, particularly if they are of another kind. Do not tolerate invasions especially if they are of a different colour and sex.”

“Oh, I see. Where is this book of Bastet, I must read more.”

“In our feline heads Mrs. Human.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Tourists

5 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Tourists

  1. We were talking this morning about the whole territorial marking thing. Dogs do it too. This morning, they all went at it with enthusiasm. LOTS of cleaning up to do. Why today rather than some other day? It was better weather than we’ve been having and they have their own door to get in and out. So what was it? I always wonder what invisible events trigger their responses. They are lucky we love them, otherwise, they would be dead puppies.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Felines are devious they have many ways of marking. Fluffy the man of the feline family, marks quite clearly and openly in the garden. We were glad to see the back of our pampas grass, it smelt quite strongly. tabby just likes to cuddle up close if she feels like it and rub her face all over my hand.


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