Daily Feline Prompt: The Loneliness of the long distance Feline sleeper

When was the last time you felt really, truly lonely?


“What would you say Fluffy, Fluffy, Fluffy”

“I am sleeping Tabby, in a world of my own, I was just having a conversation with Nera in the eternal corn chambers.”

“Fluffy, since when do we felines sleep? We might not be where we should be, but at least one ear is awake.”

“I know, but that does not mean I have to jump to attention on all four paws when you meow so loud. What’s the question? When I felt really truly lonely? Does “lonely” exist in meow?”

“Of course not Fluffy, because that is our normal state of mind. Who wants to be surrounded by other felines. It complicates life as we know it. We do our own thing and definitely not paw in paw.”

“Yes, Tabby. So now let me sleep all on my own.”

“Fluffy I have to get this prompt pawed off on my pawpad so at least you can give me a few meows to help on the way.”

“Just tell them we don’t want to know, we do not need others prying into our feline world. We should be left in peace to spray where we want to. Just I, me and myself.”

“Ok Fluffy, that will do?”

“And now you will leave me alone, no more stupid questions?”

“No Fluffy, you can continue your sleep prices. Ah, just one question.?


“Ok, not need to raise your meow. Just wanted to know if you will be awake for this evenings food. I believe it will be tuna fish with a pinch of tarragon to spice it up.”

“Oh, I love tuna with tarragon, why didn’t you tell me before. I might have slept through it.”

“You said you were asleep and did not want be disturbed.”

“Tabby, for tuna I am always awake. Just set the alarm on our pawphone will you, to make sure I do not miss the tuna.”

“Will do Fluffy, Fluffy, Fluffy. I give up, he is sleeping again. Think I will join him.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Loneliness of the long distance feline sleeper

17 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: The Loneliness of the long distance Feline sleeper

  1. Our cats were not enthusiastic about other cats, but they were very happy to cuddle up to people and one of them — Big Guy — adopted a ferret. Bonnie (another Bonnie, ferret Bonnie) was HIS pet. She could do anything to him. And did. He adored her, played with her, indulged her. It was great watching them together. Cats aren’t gregarious with other cats (usually), but they can form close inter-species bonds when they live with other species. Our cats got along very well with our dogs … better than they got along with each other.

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    • tabby was always a loner, but when it suits her, she will keep you company. this especially happens after lunch when I have my gold oldie sleep. I give her a few seconds and she is there laying next to me. Fluffy is blind, but Mr. Swiss is his person. Where Mr. Swiss is, Fluffy is not far away. Otherwise they have never done any bonding with any other animals, it is more being patient with them. When they are outside, then it is every cat for himself. Indoors, they seem to suit the surroundings more.


  2. I sometimes wonder if my cats get lonely. I tend to project my human ways of being onto them. A little extra cat nip in the house, play things and short romps outside…makes me feel better. My kitties have fun too. I would love to enter the dream world of a cat..just saying..

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    • I think basically a cat is not lonely, it is not in their nature. They do not roam in herds like other animals, but on their own. On the other hand there are certainn breeds which are more prone to play and be friendly. I know that our Fluffy, who is a Selkirk Rex, is not a feline that seeks enemies or attacks other felines. He seems to think that it is a big friendly world out there and he was very playful before he had his accident and became blind.

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  3. I follow a blog called Katzenworld. His post today reviews a book by Max Cryer called The Truth and Lies About Cats. Apparently this book says that a law in Switzerland requires that indoor only cats must have a companion cat. Is this really true?

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    • I know nothing of such a law and I know many people that only have one cat. We had three, now two. Indoors it would be a good idea, but when the cats are outside, they are all for theirselves and need no other feline companion.


      • I was pretty skeptical that a government would be concerned about cats being lonely, so thank you for the reply. I guess this is one of the ‘lies about cats’ that the title suggests. Topaz, my feral turned domestic/entitled seeks out other cats when he’s outside. He wants a playmate so much, but expenses keeps me from getting him one.


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