Daily Feline Prompt: Feline v human

Pick a feline issue

Tabby eating tuna fish

“You know what I think Fluffy, a pinch of tarragon in the fish would make it a little more appetising and would suit my sensitive feline palate.”

“It is a matter of taste Tabby. I prefer it laced with catnip, gives a real feeling of feline “oomph” if you know what I mean.”

“It seems that a glass of water from a rain shower would be the perfect accompaniment to wash down the tuna fish after eating. Of course the water should breathe for a few minutes before drinking.”

“Definitely Tabby, water that does not breathe has no real taste to appease our feline taste buds. Perhaps we should tell Mrs. Human to collect the rain water for us.”

“What do I hear felines, I should collect rain water.”

“Yes Mrs. Human, but do not serve it straight away. We prefer the water to settle. Do not put it in one of those subordinate plastic bottles. It should be put into a glass jug to allow it to breathe.”

“I’m sorry Tabby, since when does water have to breathe.”

“Mrs.Human would you drink a glass of that red grape juice you call wine without letting it breathe.”

“I am not an expert Tabby, but probably not. It has to have the correct room temperature before you drink it.”

“Exactly, but we felines, that were once worshipped as gods, can drink any old water, makes no difference how cold it is, just pour it in the dish and serve it, after all they are only felines. No, Mrs. Human, our taste buds have to be appeased, and not put into a shock condition.”

“Tabby is right Mrs. Human, water is not just water, it is to be chosen with care for the feline digestive system. We want to savour our food, digest every morsel slowly and carefully.”

“Tabby, Fluffy, don’t you think you are overdoing it a little. When I serve a dish of tuna fish, it disappears in record time. I have never had the impression that I am feeding two gourmets.”

“That is because you just tip it out of the tin and throw it into the dish. A little decoration would be fit. Perhaps a twig of catnip, or a sprinkling of tarragon, you know you eat with the eyes as well as the mouth Mrs. Human.”

“Would the two felines prefer a serviette with their meal, to wipe their mouths afterwards.”

“Don’t be stupid Mrs. Human, for that we have our tongues to have a wash afterwards.”

Daily Prompt: Feline v Human

6 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline v human

  1. Hi Tabby and Fluffy — would you really WAIT long enough for your human to garnish your tuna? Just asking because neither Mindy nor I would (and Lily CERTAINLY would not have waited, though, like you, she preferred to kill her own food). Always the best to you cat friends,
    Dusty T. Dog

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