Daily Feline Prompt: Interview with a Mongolian spring mouse

Interview your favorite character. Mongolian Spring Mouse “Come a little closer mouse, so that we can here all your wise words.”

“Tabby, I don’t think he is listening.”

“Of course I am listening, but I am not stupid. Two felines want to interview me. Do you think I am a fool, felines do not interview mice, they eat them.”

“Of course we won’t eat you.”

“Fluffy what are you saying, that is not the idea of this interview. Now I will take over. Perhaps you could begin by telling us your name.”

“Ok, but stay at a distance. I am Ghengis Ganbaatar Oyunchimeg, but you can call me Chingis, which is my nickname.”

“Hey Tabby, what’s his name, sounds a bit on the foreign side.”

“I heard that oh insignificant feline whisker bearer. My ancestors originate in the steps of Mongolia, I am a Mongolian Spring Mouse.”

“Is that something special?”

“Fluffy don’t ask him questions like that, he will get ideas.”

“Oh Tabby cat, of course it is special. We have the wisdom of the Mongolian tribes in our whiskers. We need no humans to serve us, the other mice worship us. We are something special.”

“Yes, well Chingis it is just that we felines do not usually worship mice, but err eat them.”

“Tabby, we don’t want to frighten him away. Of course we will not eat you – yet.”

“Oh feline spawn of the inferiority, hear me. I am a Mongolian Spring Mouse.”

“So you said.”

“And I would now put your feline abilities to the test. If you can catch me, you can have your way.”

“Tabby he speaks very posh. Do you think he is something special?”

“I don’t know Fluffy, but the only way to find out is to try a taste. I like Oriental food.”

“First of all you products of the inferior felines have to catch me.”

“Ok Chingis, or whatever, we will be fair and give you a 20 second start.”

“No problem, when you say go, I will go and you can follow.”


“Err Tabby, where is he?”

“Forget it Fluffy, I only saw a brown streak and he was gone. Let us interview Mrs. Human about the qualities of vitamin enriched pellets for the feline diet, at least she is slow. Those Mongolian mice are a little too fast for my paws.”

“Mine too Tabby.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Interview with a Mongolian Spring Mouse

6 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Interview with a Mongolian spring mouse

  1. Mice are so awfully cute. If only they didn’t do so much damage when they set up housekeeping in your home. Our cats never had the slightest interest in mice. Birds yes, mice, no. And bugs. They loved hunting bugs. And Mao particularly like toads.

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    • the felines have strict orders to keep the mice corpse outside. They have devoured a few, each time an extra scratch mark on the door, but they never eat the tail and the bit behind the tail.


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