Daily Feline Prompt: All it’s meowed up to be

Tell us about a time when everything actually turned out exactly as you’d hoped.

The sleeping fluffy

“I suppose we can’t complain Tabby.”

“What, not complain. That is one of the purposes of our feline lives to complain Fluffy.”

“My mum told me I would go to a place where I would be waited on hand and foot and so it is.”

“Yes Fluffy, but imagine if Mrs. Human reading this blog on her computer. She will have the feeling that she is superfluous in our lives, with no target, no hopes. We must always want more.”

“But what more can I want tabby.”

“Do you have a tuna fish dispenser?”

“What’s that?”

“You see, there is always something. I saw it advertised in Hong’s cat nutrition emporium on my pawpad. Just a paw pressure on the lever and the tuna fish arrives in the food bowl. Constant tuna delivery.”

“Sounds good, will it accept paw cards?”

“Of course.”

“Then order two, but wait a minute, how does the tuna fish enter the machine?”

“A good question Fluffy, you are not just a set of whiskers and ears, you have a feline thinking process. That is obvious. Mrs. Human opens the tin and empties the food into the container.”

“Then we will still need Mrs. Human.”

“Of course we will, we cannot have her becoming lazy and being bored by just sitting around waiting to fulfil our needs.”

“OK, order two, no three.”

“But we are only two felines.”

“Perhaps Mrs Human would also like a tuna fish dispenser.”

“I don’t think so Fluffy, she adds all sorts of strange flavours to her tuna fish, like onion and mayonnaise, aromat and pepper.”

“But I like mayonnaise.”

“So do I Fluffy, but you will have to take it with all the other human strange food. And remember the book of Bastet chapter 789, verse 2 “Show your distaste when your human slave serves something you do not like. Ignore it, push it on one side and to prove your point form a hairball.”

“Oh more wise words from the prophet. What a great person Bastet is, always has our welfare at heart.”

Daily Feline Prompt: All it’s meowed up to be

10 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: All it’s meowed up to be

  1. Dear Tabby and Fluffy — Lily would have liked a dispenser like that. I think in her primordial mind, she called that a stream and it was filled with salmon. As for me, whatever my human deigns to give me makes me grateful, but then, I’m a dog. Yours forever, Dusty T. Dog

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  3. ….haha, I, too have a cat named Fluffy and I agree with Marilyn Armstrong, we live to serve…and they know it well. My husband constantly tells me, if he ever comes back (re-incarnation) he wants to come back as a cat!

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