Daily Feline Prompt: Mad as a Feline Hatter

Tell us about a time when you flew into a rage. What is it that made you so incredibly angry?

Tabby in the garden

“Two things, we are felines and do not need hats as a decoration because they do not fit between our ears, and we never fly into a rage.”

“Of course not Tabby. We are peaceful friendly creatures.”

“Except of course if another feline, who we do not know or do not like, decides to enter our territory.“

“Yes Tabby, then we can be real mean.”

“I would not say mean Fluffy, more like making our point, with a few paw swipes and hisses.”

“Look Tabby, the ginger tom is approaching.”

“I can see him. He does not belong here and he smells.”

“Shall I do it Tabby, or do you want to have the pleasure?”

“Let us just observe the situation to see what he is planning.”

“He is getting closer Tabby. I think I will hide behind a chair, he might go away.”

“Fluffy, don’t be such a coward. He is an insignificant ginger tom, the ones with the different fur.”

“Mrs. Human would say that all felines are the same, no matter how they look.”

“That’s a human thing Fluffy. We are felines and in the book of Bastet, it stands in Chapter 239, verse 90 “all felines are equal until they want to mark your territory. You must then take steps to protect.”

“Tabby, that ginger tom is sneaking up closer and hissing. He is showing her teeth. Tabby, Tabby where are you going. Oh dear Tabby has disappeared through the cat flap with the ginger tom hard on her heels. OK, it does say take steps to protect, but Bastet was not so exact on that one. She did not say what you should protect and how to do it. Tabby decided to protect his own 9 lives and has disappeared. Tabby, wait I am coming as well. don’t leave me outside alone with that Ginger Tom.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Mad as a Feline Hatter