Daily Feline Prompt: My Feline Life

Write a review of your life — or the life of someone close to you — as if it were a movie or a book.


“What are you pawing at Tabby?”

“Fluffy, I am writing my biography,”

“Your what?”

“My biography, the story of my life.”

“Am I in it as well?”

“No, Fluffy, write your own. My life is mine and you have yours.”

“But I want one as well.”

“Don’t bother me with your trivialities Fluffy. This is an important work. One day I will be famous and then people will be ripping my paw book from the shelves.”

“Why, did you do something to make you famous?”

“Fluffy, you annoy me with your silly questions. Go play with the cat next door.”

“But he doesn’t like me and I don’t like him. Tabby, the first word should be written with a capital meow.”

“I know.”

“You write you were the first of four kittens, but I thought Nera arrived first.”

“It is a matter of interpretation Fluffy. There were four of us ready to go and I was in the pole position. Unfortunately Nera was No. 2 and decided she wanted to be first, so she gave me a push with her back leg and squeezed past and arrived as No. 1”

“That was not very nice Tabby. Did you tell her.”

“No Tabby, since when could we tell Nera something. She arrived and took over and I was always No. 2.”

“But now she has left us and now you are No. 1 Tabby.”

“Forget it”

“Who said that?”

“I did, Nera No. 1. I am still hovering around to ensure that you are following my good example of being Chief feline in the tribe and Tabby?”


“Don’t forget to devote a complete section in your biography about me, my wonderful black silky fur, my intelligence and my good looks.”

“Of course not Nera……… Has she gone Fluffy?”

“I think so, just one of those quick visits from the land of 10 lives.”

“Ok, to continue. My rightful place as No. 1 kitten was taken, but my intelligence was quickly acknowledge. I became consiglieri to Nera, the usurper.”

“Tabby, I don’t think Nera will like that.”

“Nera is writing her own life story – “The Perfect Feline”.

Daily Feline Prompt: My Feline Life