Daily Feline Prompt: The Happy Feline Wanderer

What’s your travel style? Are you itinerary and schedule driven, needing to have every step mapped out in advance or are you content to arrive without a plan and let happenstance be your guide?


“Just one paw before the other, that is my travel style. What about you Fluffy?”

“More or less the same Tabby, but as I do not see anything I use my nose together with the paws to smell the way. I do not get this itinerary and schedule thing, is that something human?”

“Seems to be Fluffy, we just go where the senses take us. I remember a memorable walk last year I could have wandered for hours, it was such fun. At every turn in the path there was a mouse hole, or an interesting bird just waiting to be pounced on. I could have stayed all night.”

“Ah yes, I remember that one Tabby. That was when Mrs. Human got all sort of worked up and went on a search for you. She seemed to be quite worried, but I think she found you eventually.”

“Yes, I remember. I actually thought Mrs. Human wanted to join in with me, like a game of stalking each other. I saw her approach and so I dived further into the bushes. She was calling Tabby and that funny whistling noise she makes, as if she thought I would suddenly appear. Of course I ignored her as I had just discovered another mouse nest.”

“But I think she found you.”

“No Fluffy, I found her. We don’t want her to think that I came running because she was getting all worked up and worried. I decided it was time to go home as I was feeling hungry and then she saw me. She thought she was guiding me back home, but actually I was leading.”

“She seemed happy to see you again Tabby and she even rewarded us with a plate of our favourite meal, tuna fish.”

“Of course she did Fluffy, that was part of the plan.”

Daily Feline Prompt: the Happy Feline Wanderer