Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Symmetry

Pick a letter, any letter. Now, write a story, poem, or post in which every line starts with that letter.

Fluffy helping to stick football photos

“Fluffy, don’t make so much noise, your meows are deafening.”

“That’s my daily prompt effort for today, but it seems we only have one word. Do you think this will do Tabby?
Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow.”

“No Fluffy, it is too monotonous. Can’t you include a few “hisses” in between.”

“I could, but hisses are more in the guttural sense of the word, and not really words. They are sounds of anger. Meow is more friendly and says so much in the human sense of the word.”

“Can you explain that Fluffy, it is a little beyond my feline comprehension.”

“Of course. Meow means can I have some more, move I want to sit there and give me a tickle under the chin. I feel lonely, will someone play with me.”

“Fluffy that is very egoistic. Well done. Of course in a wider sense of a dadaist meaning of meow it could mean,
am and tuna fish catnip
I a love tuna fish and catnip
I am a and catnip
am a and love fish and catnip
am feline and tuna catnip
am a and love tuna catnip meow

“That was very clever Tabby. Did you write that all on your own?”

“No I found a dada poem generator on my pawpad.”

“Isn’t that cheating?”

“Since when does the word “Cheat” exist in meow. In the book of Bastet, chapter 803, verse 24, it says “felines do not cheat, they take what they need regardless of the needs of others.”

“Oh, I see, but not quite.”

“Err Fluffy, you are eating my portion of tuna fish.”

“You don’t have a portion Tabby. I am a feline and take what I need, regardless.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Symmetry