Daily Feline Prompt: Beyond the Whiskers

When was the last time you did something completely new and out of your element? How was it? Will you do it again?

Tabby hiding in the bath

“Tabby what are you doing in that big water holder for humans. I think it is called a bath, although I understand bath as being something else.”

“I know what you mean Fluffy. A bath is a outstretched tongue travelling over the fur and now and again finding something that does not belong there.”

“You mean like foreign bodies and such. I often find a lot of loose fur that I have to remove. Mrs. Human says she notices it when she empties the cat tray.”

“She notices everything. So leave me to think about things in this bath.”

“But baths are not for thinking, they are for something human called washing. I am sure humans could save having a bath when they would follow our example with a quick lick.”

“Wouldn’t work Tabby, human tongues are not designed for a wash.”

“Then what good are they?”

“No idea Tabby, I think it is something to do with talking and eating.”

“Aha, but they don’t even use their tongues for drinking. I am sure humans have a constructional defect.”

“Of course they do, we should pity them. Not everyone can be as perfect as we felines.”

“So now for a quiet cool moment in this bath thing. Time to think about something completely different.”

“We felines don’t do different Tabby, we do the same.”

“Sorry, Fluffy, the prompt was misleading. So let’s do the same. Is the dish filled with tuna? I heard the sound of a tin opener.”

“Yes Tabby, time to go, but don’t scratch the bath thing, Mrs. Human does not like feline scratches on her clean bath.”

“No problem, I will just lick over them and no-one will see them.So let’s go, its tuna fish time.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Beyond the Whiskers