Daily Feline Prompt: Fur Change

Think of a topic or issue about which you’ve switched your opinion. Why the change?

Fluffy peeping through the chair

“Tabby what’s an opinion?”

“An opinion, well that’s quite straight forward really.”

“Ok, so what is it?”

“Don’t ask silly questions Fluffy.”

“I don’t think it is silly, but if we are going to answer today’s feline prompt we should know what to write about.”

“Let’s see what Bastet says. Look chapter 101, verse 203, it says “an opinion is what humans have about things. Felines should not bother with such things, it is a waste of feline time. Felines know what they want and what they like, everything else is unimportant. You want to eat tuna fish, then eat it. You want fresh mouse, then kill it and you want to drink water then drink it. If you do not do it, another feline will and then you will have nothing. Felines should always take what they want and not waste time thinking about it.”

“That seems to be quite clear Tabby.”

“I would say so Fluffy. Of course if we cannot decide, we can sleep it over.”

“Which sleep do you mean Tabby. The early morning sleep, the one after midday or the evening sleep.”

“I would try to combine all of them and use the hour we have left to do what we might think about in our sleep.”

“Tabby this all sounds so complicated.”

“It is, that is why Bastet more or less said with a hidden meaning, “don’t bother me with the trivialities of life.” So let us think it over in our sleep.*

“Oh, Tabby you are so wise.”

“No problem Fluffy, where there is a whisker there is a way.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Fur Change