Daily Feline Prompt: Coming to a Whisker near you

Paw a summary of the book you’ve always wanted to write for the back cover of its dust jacket.

Tabby relaxing

“Tabby, how comes you are wearing glasses and have a book and pen in front of you with a strange glass full of yellow liquid which resembles my marking liquid.”

“Fluffy, I am writing a book and this photo is for the back cover of the dust jacket.”

“Your book will get dusty?”

“No Fluffy it is just a way of speaking.”

“But it might get dusty if no-one reads it.”

“My book will be a best seller Fluffy, it will not gather dust.”

“So what’s its all about?”

“It will be a thriller, I will call it “The Feline in the Night”.

“Nothing new, we all go for walks in the night. What have you written so far?”

“I have only just begun Fluffy. “It was a dark, windy night, the whiskers were twitching with mystery and dark forebodings”.

“What’s a foreboding Tabby?”

“Don’t ask silly questions Fluffy. It is a word often used by the classic paw writers of stories packed with suspense.”

“But my whiskers have never twitched like that, they only twitch if I notice there is a dish of tuna fish near.”

“Fluffy, how can I get people to read my best seller with such distraction. I am sure Edgar Allen Paw did not have such problems when he wrote his best seller “The Fall of the House of Paws”.

“But that was a super book, full of suspense to the last meow. Are you going to write something like that Tabby?”

“Something better of course. I will continue “a mouse crossed the path of the lonesome feline, disappearing into a dark space in the ground. There was a squeal, a hiss and …..”

“What comes next Tabby?”

“I don’t now, I think I will have to sleep it over. Writing books is not so easy for a feline. I will also have to find a publisher.”

“Perhaps Bastet might help.”

“No Fluffy, she is still writing her own book.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Coming to a Whisker near you