Daily Feline Prompt: Forgiving and Forgetting with the Felines

Share a story where it was very difficult for you to forgive the perpetrator for wronging you, but youdid it — you forgave them.

Tabby shows her teeth

“What is it now, Mrs. Human, what have I done wrong, although we felines never do anything wrong. We just react.”

“I remember a time once when we went to the vets.”

“Now Mrs. Human, if this is about a vet visit, then you got all you deserved. The insult to my feline reputation is made when the cage arrives and I disappear to a place where you have difficulties to pick me up. Under the bed is best. I know you are a golden oldie and seem to have problems bending down to reach me.”

“No, Tabby, this was not the problem. This is normal and Mr. Swiss wedged you out of your hiding place. You were put into the cage and lid down before you realised it. The fun and games began at the vets. It was just a normal annual jab, nothing out of the ordinary.”

“What is normal about an annual jab when my feelings are ignored and a needle is stuck into the most sensitive part of the body? That is not normal and totally extraordinary: typical human and I have not yet forgiven or forgotten.”

“This is not about your forgiveness or forgetfulness, and I was not aware that felines have a memory.”

“We don’t Mrs. Human, there you are right. Bastet rid us of memories in the Egyptian corn chambers, he found them not necessary. Why remember something, the main thing is that it is dead and you can eat it. No time for forgiving and forgetting, we have a job to do. Eat, drink and be a feline. So Mrs. Human, what was your problem?”

“Tabby the problem was that when the vet gave you the unnecessary injection to prevent feline illnesses occurring, you turned your head at 180°, something like in the Exorcist film.”

“And – we felines are flexible animals, no problem. Perhaps you were jealous because once again I proved that I could do something that you are unable to do as a common human.”

“Tabby, are you following me? You turned your head and sunk your teeth fangs into my hand, drawing blood and leaving tooth marks.”

“You see Mrs. Human, revenge is sweet.”

“This meant that I took you home quickly, in the meanwhile phoned my doctor for an immediate appointment to have a tetanus injection as that illness could prove fatal.”

“No that is adding insult to injury Mrs. Human. Did you at least get your injection in your sensitive part?”

“All parts of the human body are sensitive when we have a needle stuck in, but if you must know it was in the arm.”

“But you forgave me Mrs. Human.”

“Did I have a choice? And I thought that the word “forgive” did not exist in meow according to Bastet.”

“It doesn’t Mrs. Human, just making conversation to keep you happy.”

There must be a moral to learn from this story, if you forgive and forget and a feline is involved, do not bother.

Daily Feline Prompt: Forgiving and Forgetting with the Felines