Daily Feline Prompt: Land of feline confusion.

Which subject did you find impossible to master? Did mice give you hives? Did meow make you scream? Do tell!

New snail in the garden

“Tabby there is a monster in our garden.”


“Look over there where the bird food station use to be. Do you think Mrs. Human has now put a monster there instead.”

“No Fluffy, that is not real. Go and have a sniff.”

“How do you know it is not real. It might eat me if I have a sniff at it.”

“I don’t know if it is real or not Fluffy, but I will find out if you have a sniff at it.”

“That is not very nice Tabby. I might get killed.”

“Fluffy, we are felines. remember the unforgetful words of the book of Bastet, Chapter 5,000, verse 1. Felines are to be prepared at all times, if they go they should go bravely in the service of the feline values.”

“But she does not say anything about being eaten alive by a monster snail.”

“Fluffy, you are a coward.”

“Then you go and have a sniff.”

“I have other important things to do.”


“Sleeping, I feel very tired.”

“But you slept all night and this morning.”

“Forget the monster, it might go away. It hasn’t moved for the last five minutes.”

“Perhaps it is waiting to pounce.”

“Think I will take a sleep inside. Looks like it will soon be raining.”

“But the sun is shining.”

“See you later Fluffy.”

“And Tabby leaves me alone with a monster that might eat me alive. I think I will have a sleep as well inside. It might start to rain and the monster might go away in the meanwhile. Between you and me I think Tabby was frightened as well.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Land of feline confusion