Daily Feline Prompt: The Fur may make the Feline

How important are clothes to you? Describe your style, if you have one, and tell us how appearance impacts how you feel about yourself.


“There is a catalogue on my pawpad with various designs for our fur coat.”

“But Tabby I did not know that we could change our coats.”

“Normally not, but Cat Dior is developing a new programme for unsatisfied felines that would prefer to have a different coat or design.”

“I think I will stay with what I have. It smells nice and fluffy and I feel comfortable.”

“But wouldn’t you like to have a nice short haired coat like mine. As a Tabby cat we even have a special marking on our forehead like an “M” and get entrance free of charge in the Feline MacDonalds restaurant. We just have to enter through the cat flap.”

“Can you get tuna fish in a MacDonalds restaurant?”

“No Fluffy, but the world does not exist of tuna fish.”

“Shame. Then I will stay as I am, although you have a very nice “M” on your forehead. Why are you called Tabby and not Mac?”

“Don’t ask stupid questions Fluffy. Your name is Fluffy and not tuna. It is the special design I have on my fur that makes me a Tabby, like your fur that is Fluffy and leaves traces all over our home. Mrs. Human is always complaining about the fur on the carpet.”

“It is all part of my marking system Tabby. I spray outside and inside I spread my fur.”

“We all have our problems Fluffy.”

“You never spray Tabby.”

“Of course not I am a lady and ladies do not spray.”

“I noticed. You always have such neat round markings in our recycling tray.”

“I wouldn’t mention that Fluffy. At least I keep my processes in one place. You spray half the tray with yours.”

“It’s all in the fur Tabby. Is there a pink fur coat in the new catalogue?”

“Seems that is expected next year when Cat Dior publishes his Rainbow catalogue and they will all be supplied with a zip so that you can keep the original fur coat on.”

“Great Tabby, I can’t wait until next year.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Fur may make the Feline