Daily Feline Prompt: Green Eyed Feline

Nera on top of the wardrobe

“Tabby, are we jealous?”

“No Fluffy, we just take what we want with no discussion.”

“Oh, so jealousy is not something feline.”

“Not really. I mean if the cat next door was eating a plate of tuna fish and you had none, what would you do?”

“I would hide and when he left the remains of the tuna fish, I would pounce and finish it off.”

“You see Fluffy, that is not being jealous, it is taking what is rightfully ours without endangering your life. If the cat next door would see you eating his tuna fish, he would hiss and give you a paw swipe and he might even attack. We avoid jealous situations where we can.”

“Nera was sometimes jealous.”

“No, Nera was the chief and everything belonged to her. We had to ask for permission before helping ourselves. That is something different. She was in charge.”

“Felines I am still in charge, but in another dimension. In the land of the 10th life we share everything, because there is plenty to go around. Look I brought you a present.”

“Hello Nera, nice to see you again floating around. And look, two mice, one for Fluffy and one for me.”

“How you divide the mice is your problem Tabby. I would have kept both, but it seems you now share things.”

“Oh Nera I am getting older. In my younger days I would have devoured two mice as quick as you could say “black cat”, today one mouse is enough.”

“Don’t say “black cat” Tabby, it sounds so common to us felines with the long black silky fur. We have quite a good harvest of mice in the corn chambers at the moment and Bastet said to bring you two.”

“Nera do you have green eyes. They look green.”

“Yes, I was always envied for my beautiful green eyes. So now I must go, have fun. I must go, I am fading.”

“And she has gone Tabby. I though we did not do green eyed stuff.”

“We don’t, but Nera does.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Green Eyed Feline