Daily Feline Prompt: It’s a feline party

You’re throwing a party. Tell us all about the food, drink, events, and party favours you’ll have for your event of a lifetime. Use any theme you like — it’s *your* party!


“Now that is a tasty theme for the party Fluffy.”

“I thought it might appeal to you. I was thinking of red as the party colour Tabby.”

“I think there is a slight misunderstanding Fluffy. I was more into the ornithological side of the theme, like bird in all variations, but especially raw and fresh.”

“Oh, I see. You mean the food.”

“Of course I mean the food, for what other reason do we have a party?”

“I thought we could invite some felines from the neighbourhood and have some fun.”

“Fluffy, we felines do not have fun, we are a thoughtful intelligent species and everything we do has a purpose. We do not share with unknown felines, you do not know where they have been. Do you really think we are going to dress up in red? No, we will celebrate our party everyone for him or herself. In the book of Bastet, chapter 772, verse 14 it says “Being a feline is serious, there is no time for parties and celebrations, above all nothing is shared. Our enjoyments originate from the I, me and myself theory. No time will be spent thinking of trivial matters. Let us not forget that we are gods in our own right.”

“Then there will be no party. But all the other bloggers are celebrating and organising music and food.”

“Our life is spent organising food Fluffy, and we can make our own music if necessary, although our sounds are more in association with war cries and hisses.”

“But I often have a little meow to myself Tabby.”

“Fluffy, you are a tom cat. We are all awake early in the morning from your vocal practice.”

Daily Feline Prompt: It’s a feline party