Daily Feline Prompt: State of the Feline Year

How is this year shaping up so far? Write a post about your biggest challenges and achievements thus far. Tabby looking throught the Walnut tree “Tabby what’s a year?”

“Something to do with the time we sleep inside and the time we sleep outside.”

“I sleep inside at night and sometimes outside during the day. I just feel it in my whiskers.”

“That because you don’t see anything Fluffy. I sleep inside when I feel it in my whiskers. Usually my fur coat is not warm enough and that cold white stuff lays around on the ground that makes the paws freeze.”

“I know what you mean Tabby, I don’t like that cold stuff on the ground either. So when do you sleep outside?” “That is when my fur coat needs a zip to take it off, so I sleep outside to cool down. Also it is the time of the year when the meals on feet are about and not hibernating.”

“You mean the mice?”

“Of course I do. They have playtime outside, so I have to make the most of it, although they disappear down their holes when they notice I am coming. Yes, they have respect towards me. I am the Cat Willis of the adventure world.”

“I saw the film Tabby, but the cat that took the leading part had no fur on his head.” “I know, he shaved it off especially for the film. That was made him famous.”

“I think I will spend this year as always. Just eating, sleeping and perhaps sniffing around in the garden.”

“So will I Fluffy, no point in changing things. In the book of Bastet it says in chapter 555, verse 21, “Avoid change where possible. Just go with the flow of the year. Sleep when possible, eat when possible and do not forget, if it moves, has a long tail or sings, annihilate”.

“I though Daleks do annihilate Tabby.”

“Of course Fluffy, they were reading the book of Bastet and so they stole her wise words.”

Daily Feline Prompt: State of the Feline Year