Daily Feline Prompt: The Lingering Felines

Tell us about times in which you linger — when you don’t want an event, or a day to end. What is it you love about these times? Why do you wish you could linger forever?

Nera drinking water from the toilet

“Nera loved to linger didn’t she Fluffy?”

“Oh yes, Tabby, especially in the human recycling tray. That was her favourite place.”

“Mrs. Human was not so pleased, although as usual Nera was not the same opinion.

“We felines do not have same opinion especially human opinions. “Do what you want to do, not what you should do” (Book of Bastet, chapter 15, verse 1).”

“I remember a conversation she once had with Mrs. Human, whilst she was sampling the fresh, cool water.”

“What do you think you are doing Nera, that is not a water source, that is our toilet.”

“There is nothing so fresh, so cooling to the feline fur than a human recycling tray with a constant supply of fresh water.”

“Nera we call that the toilet, it is not a feline water bowl.”

“Toilet does not exist in meow.”

“I know Nera, perhaps you could compare it to your feline tray for your recycling process.”

“But there is no clumping sand in this toilet thing, just permanent, fresh water, quality grand cru.”

“Of course Nera was right, as she always was. The humans constantly renew the water in their tray, it is always so fresh. I have often tried it myself when Mr. or Mrs. Human might forget to cover the source with that lid thing.”

“But Mrs. Human notices, because she says you leave paw marks on the nice clean lid.”

“Of course I do Fluffy, I have to mark my territory.”

“Those humans can get really fussy, they just want to keep that first class water for themselves, typical.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Lingering Felines