Daily Feline Prompt: Fill in the meow

Two cats walk into a chicken coup

Feeding time for the chickens and rooster in Feldbrunnen

“What do you think you are doing here. This is reserved for my hen harem and we do not need any feline influence. You are making them nervous.”

“It is part of today’s assignment. We were supposed to walk into a bar, but they don’t serve felines in a bar and we don’t drink, so we thought we would go somewhere more suitable.”

“I am Harald the rooster and I do not need felines. I had enough when the fox thought he could get away with it, but thanks to my talents I scared the fox away. If you want an egg, you are welcome. They sell them at the entrance.”

“But felines don’t eat eggs, we are carnivores.”

“Are you indeed, then go to the field next door, the cows would be pleased to see you.”

“But they are so big and make a loud noise.”

“And that frightens you, so you visit my girls and think you can make off with one of them. Forget it. Mabel, Florrie, Daisy come here. Show these two felines what you hens are made of.”

“Do you want it vocal or physical Harald.”

“Do it vocal and if they stay you can try physical.”

“Cluck, cluck, cluck – cock a doodle do”

“Oh my ears Tabby.”

“Mine too Fluffy, I think we will leave. If that is vocal, who knows what physical will be.”

“Another victory ladies for us. Look at those two cats running.”

“Shall we go after them Harald. We could get some fur samples for your trophies to hang up next to the fox tail.”

“No leave it ladies, I don’t think they will be back so soon.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Fill in the meow