Daily Feline Prompt: Whiskers Check

We all have complicated histories. When was the last time your past experiences informed a major decision you’ve made?

Migros delivery with Fluffy“Tabby I think I am about to make a major decision.”

“You are Fluffy. Tell me about it.”

“I need some advice. Which bag shall I begin with. The one at the back , second from left looks interesting. I can see some butter. I love butter.”

“I know you do Fluffy, but it is not my sort of thing.”

“Mrs. Human always gives me a small piece of butter in the morning.”

“Of course she does, when you sit in front of the fridge and wait for it. I am not a butter cat myself, I prefer a piece of noodle or even those potato chip things that humans have.”

“Just a minute Tabby, I can smell meat in the bag on the right. I think that is Mrs. Human’s dinner.”

“Let’s have a sniff Fluffy. Yes, the aromas of fresh kill reach my nose. That’s the bag we should tear apart.”

“What do you two felines think you are doing with my shopping. Take your claws out of those bags.”

“But Mrs. Human, we only wanted to save you the trouble of unpacking all that wonderful aroma filled food you have brought from your hunting trip in the supermarket. By the way, did you remember to get some tins of tuna fish?”

“Tabby I am still feeding you on the 100 tins you and Fluffy ordered on your pawpads with my credit card.”

“Oh yes, we forget, although the permanent servings of tuna fish are becoming a little boring. On my pawpad app for the supermarket it shows a special offer for Norwegian salmon, 2 for one it says which would be ideal. One for Fluffy and one for me. If Fluffy does not like salmon, it would just be two for me.”

“Tabby I like salmon, so forget it. we can share.”

“Fluffy, felines do not share remember. Book of Bastet, chapter 2, verse 3 “Felines look after themselves in the first place. No. 1 is I, No. 2 is me and No. 3 is myself. There should be nothing leftt afterwards.”

“Ok Tabby of course. Then you order yours on your pawpad and I will order mine.”

“Just a minute felines, who is paying for this salmon feast.”

“Err, I know. She who has a pawcard.”

“No way. I now have a new credit card and it is not paw accessible.”

“Tabby, looks like another tin of boring tuna fish tonight.”

“I know Fluffy, beggars cannot be choosers.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Whiskers Check