Daily Feline Prompt: Felines are a Mystery

Tell us something most people probably don’t know about felines.

Cats in a window in Oxlow Lane

“This sounds interesting Tabby.”

“It is, I got it from a forum site that Mrs. Human belongs to and it was especially posted for us from a guy calle Lee that lives in the States. He is also owned by felines. One of his felines is the boss. read what he tells us.”

“Well, here at Cat Central life goes on apace.

Numbnuts the neighbour has acquired another three cats that he keeps outside most of time and generally ignores. (Why the hell do idiots like that even want to have a pet seeing as they just neglect and ignore them?)

Anyway, one of the big dogs (Alsatian sized) from the end of the road was on the loose last night. Known to be a cat killer. Wandering around the neighbourhood.

Those three cats hang out on the porch of their owner’s house.

Along comes the dog. He’s going to go after the cats on the porch.

Around the side of the house comes our tomcat who has befriended these hapless cats.

Tomcat places himself between the dog and his friends, does the inflating cat trick and just stands there, silent, staring at the dog.

Woof, growl, feint – doesn’t work. Cat won’t be intimidated. Cat stands there like Chuck Norris in a shoot out – just radiating “Come get some, Motherf….”

Dog doesn’t know what this cat is up to. Cat hasn’t read the “Cats are afraid of dogs” rulebook. Cat is also very, very confident and very, very calm. Cat may have tactical nuke hidden on his person or something.

Dog shuts up, turns around and goes back to his house, looking nervously over his shoulder, Tomcat is following close behind to make sure he (the dog) gets the hell out of Dodge.

You could offer me ten thousand quid for that cat and I wouldn’t sell him…”

“So you see Fluffy, that’s the way to do it.”

“Great Tabby, you do it first and I will follow.”

“I will have to think about it.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Felines are a Mystery

8 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Felines are a Mystery

  1. That was the Wyatt Earp of tomcats!

    We had a Siamese who was a dog fighter. He would run and make them follow him, dive into a bush, make a u-turn and come out with claws blazing, straight for the face. Most dogs avoided Mao unless they were particularly dim-witted. He was cat of cats, king of cats. Top cat.

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  2. Hubby’s brother came to visit one day for a cookout, bringing his dog and his fiance’s dog.
    Clyde, my dearly departed kitty, was having no interlopers in his realm without the proper respect. Clyde, two…doggies, zero. Hubby does love to bring that up in conversations about pets. ( I guess I do too.)

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