Daily Feline Prompt: Do not disturb

How do you manage your privacy? Are there certain places where you will not sleep? Information you’ll never share with other felines? Or do you assume information about your sleeping places is accessible anyway?


“Tabby. Tabby. TABBY”

“Fluffy what are you mega meowing about. Can’t you see I am trying to get a few hours feline sleep. Do not make such a noise, and above all do not disturb.”

“But I have something important to tell you.”

“Fluffy you never have anything important to tell me. Tuna fish was on the menu yesterday, the mice are all out in the fields eating corn and the birds are sitting in the trees, so what could be so important that you want to disturb my sleep.”

“Well it’s just that I thought you might be interested to know…..”

“To know what? The only thing I am interested in is a quiet sleep with no disturbances.”

“Exactly that it what I wanted to tell you.”

“Can’t it wait, I have my eyes closed and was just counting mice to get myself to sleep.”

“I do that as well Tabby, although I prefer counting butterflies. They are so pretty when they flutter around. But there is something else.”

“I am not interested in your preoccupation with countng butterflies so let it wait, I am sure it is not as important as a few hours sleep. I am behind with my rest today, so I have to catch up. And what is that noise and that strange smell?”

“That’s what I wanted to tell you Tabby. Mrs. Human has a visit from a human friend.”

“How nice for her, I hope she enjoys it. Thank goodness the word friend does not exist in meow.”

“That’s not the point Tabby. We do not have time to discuss whether we have friends or not. In this case the human friend as brought her dog with her, I think they call them Alsatians. That is probably the smell you notice and the noise of it barking. I think it wants to get to know you. Tabby, Tabby, where are you.

Tabby is a strange feline. There she was all comfortable having a sleep and now she has disappeared through the cat flap breaking all records of feline speed.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Do not disturb

4 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Do not disturb

    • This morning she had a small territorial dispute with Bubu the local british shorthair cat. It was a draw, Tabby remained on her chair outside and Bubu moved on, but there were a few loud moments.


  1. Dear Tabby and Fluffy, I would never drop in on you like that. I’d give you plenty of advance warning and be sure to stay near my human until you’re comfortable. Then, we could go buy things on your paw-pads.
    Yours forever (but I was gone for the weekend), Dusty T. Dog

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