Daily Feline Prompt: Dear Leader – Who???

If your government (local or national) accomplishes one thing this year, what would you like that to be?

Monogolian Spring mouse - at the pet shop

“Now that is a great photo Mrs. Human. Is that today’s dinner?”

“Definitely not Tabby, that is a photo I took at the pet shop when I was buying your super dehydrated vitamin filled pellets.”

“But I would prefer a super live vitamin filled Mongolian mouse: much more tasty. What do they cost? Can I buy them on with my pawpad?”

“Tabby they are not sold to be eaten. You can buy one as a pet.”

“Aha, then buy one as a pet. I am sure we have room. You could put it next to my sleeping cushion. I have a better idea. I would let it run free in our apartment. We felines would make sure that nothing would happen to it.”

“Tabby that is a Mongolian spring mouse. They are one of the fastest mice you can have and I am not going to have a live mouse running around in the apartment. It wouldn’t be hygienic.”

“Exactly Mrs. Human, then put it next to my sleeping place, I would look after it.”

“Oh yes, Tabby, that would be great, we could share it.”

“Fluffy we felines do not share, everyone for himself.”

“For once I agree felines, no mouse will be shared here, especially as I am not going to complement your rations with a live mouse.”

“She’s gone Fluffy, now we can discuss the matter.”

“No way Tabby, she will not get a live mouse for us. She has funny ideas about animals. She likes to fuss over them and feed them.”

“All the better Fluffy, it would become a nice fat well fed mouse. A very tasty morsel.”

“But I don’t think she will get one for us, so we just have to be satisfied with a photo of the one that got away.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Dear Leader – Who?????

4 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Dear Leader – Who???

  1. Listen Fluffy and Tabby, if you want I can convince Mrs.Human to buy that Mongolian spring mouse for you on sharing basis. She is in a great mood, after all her son’s marriage went off so perfectly well. What’s say?

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    • “Tabby what’s share”
      “Don’t know Fluffy, don’t think it exists in meow, or not translateable. I think we could say “what’s mine is mine and if there is anything left over that’s mine as well”.
      “Ah yes, funny language human language – too many pronouns. I is enough, so why have you, they, he and she”

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  2. Dear Tabby and Fluffy, A robin has built a nest right outside our back door. It’s not a very good nest and I think it would be easy for you to take care of that problem. 😉 I wish I could send you a ticket! Yours always and always (unless my human takes me somewhere), Dusty T. Dog


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