Daily Feline Prompt: On the feline edge

We all have things we need to do to keep an even keel — blogging, exercising, reading, cooking. What’s yours?

Swallowtail Butterfly

“Now that’s something to support my even keel.”

“Your what Tabby?”

“My even keel, you know to keep a balance of nature and all that jazz. There is a monster butterfly on one of Mrs. Human’s flowers. Keep quite Fluffy, I will see what I can do.”

“Ooh I want some to, just a wing and leg will do.”

“Fluffy do you have to meow so loud, it has now flown away. Typical, that would have been a great effort in keeping the balance of nature.”

“Why do we have to balance nature. I thought nature balances itself.”

“It does, but we have to do our little bit as well. Imagine if we did not eat all those tuna fish, capture mice and a few birds, everything would be in chaos.”

“Not forgetting those wonderful juicy butterflies. We are doing something good with our eating habits.”

“Of course Fluffy. If it wasn’t for us the place would be running alive with all those lovely juicy, meaty creatures that satisfy our appetite.”

“I am not so sure Tabby, I have never heard of a tuna fish swimming in the local river.”

“Of course not, they swim in other rivers. If we did not eat them there would be no room for the river as they would take up all the space, that is why they arrive in tine: pure feline logic.”

“You are so clever Tabby. Thank goodness we do something to balance everything.”

“That is what I try to explain to Mrs. Human, but she is a little dense in those questions. She finds that we should leave the lovely little birds alone and not deposit the remains of mice in front of the window.”

“I know, she gets really annoyed when she sees me munching on a butterfly wing. She can’t help it Tabby, she is human. We should have pity and educate her in our ways.”

“No way Fluffy. There are not enough birds, fish, butterflies and mice to feed the humans as well. Humans seem to be good at unbalancing the balance of nature.“

Daily Feline Prompt: On the feline edge

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