In Memory of Nera – born 2.04.2002, died 10.06 2014

Today when I visited my Facebook page I saw that they had featured the memory of a page I wrote on 10th June 2014 when my chief cat Nera died. Although I featured this on my Angloswiss Chronicles blog, I never put it on my Angloswiss Cat Chronicle pages, so here it is in memory of the one and only Nera who is probably reading this from her throne somewhere in the Eternal corn Chambers with Bastet.

Nera, begging

Today we lost our Nera, our big fat long furred feline. She slipped peacefully away whilst under sedation at the vets. It was unexpected, but her heart just ceased to beat. She was just over 12 years old and leaves her litter sister Tabby.
She moved in when she was just 8 weeks old with her sister. She was always the chief and could be very bossy, but she was our Nera. She had some problems, and today her ninth life was used. She lost one on the way when she broke a paw and hobbled around with a plaster cast for a few weeks. She had meningitus but came through it. She did not like her annual jabs, but the vet was prepared and she always received special treatment. Her head put was put in a cover so that she did not see what was coming. She was the reason why we had to visit the doctor for tetanus jabs after a feline bite in the hand. She was just protecting her dignity.

When I look at the garden I can see an empty place beneath the shade of a tree where she would lay. In the evening she would be on the porch with her sister, relaxing on the cool stones after a hot summer day. We will miss her swaying walk, We will miss her squeaky miaws. She was part of our life for the past twelve years, sharpening her claws on the cat center, sitting in front of the computer, sitting in a begging pose on her back legs with paws moving together as if to say “give me something”.
She loved to watch the birds in winter, as all good cats.

I am sure she took a turn at the Rainbow Bridge and decided to join Bastet in the eternal corn chambers, taking her place at Bastet’s feet. She was a royal, stately feline, she was our Nera and will never be forgotten.

In Memory of Nera

4 thoughts on “In Memory of Nera – born 2.04.2002, died 10.06 2014

  1. RIP dear Nera.

    I wonder if wise Nera (during her visits to this side if the corn field) can explain why cats meow at their food bowl when there is already food in it (a full bowl, I might add). I’m sure Meekah tries to tell me, but I haven’t learned “Meow”. Perhaps someone can translate.

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