Daily Feline Prompt: To turn is to meow

Feline Seasons change so quickly! Which one do you most look forward to? Which is your least favorite?

Wild Flower Meadow, Feldbrunnen

“Definitely my favourite season, when I can spring through the grass, feel the vibrations of the creeping insects and mice and the air movements of a butterfly, which with luck I can trap between my paws. What’s your favourite season Tabby?

“Fluffy, I don’t have seasons now, that was in my youth when my whiskers would still twitch at the sound of an unexperienced bird that might land too near to my paws. Unfortunately their mothers were not so unexperienced, so I never really caught one.”

“But you must have a preference.”

“Of course I do, I love the sleepy season.”

“What’s that?”

“When I can sleep undisturbed. If it rains I sleep indoors and if the weather is fine I sleep outside. In the book of Bastet, chapter 924, verse 3, it says “There are two seasons in the year of a feline. The Sleepy season and the awake season. What you do in those seasons is a private decision, but make sure that you savour both.”

“And do you savour both Tabby?”

“Of course I do. It just so happens that the sleepy season is two thirds longer than the awake season.”

“Well I like to sleep as well, so I suppose Bastet knows what she is talking about”

“Of course she does. We sleep two thirds of the time and the other third we are searching for a place to sleep. On our search we might encounter a mouse, a bird, a butterfly and sometimes even a dish of tuna fish. Unfortunately there will be dishes of vitamin filled pellets on the way, but we succeed. Together we are strong Fluffy.”

“Tabby I think I will partake in the sleepy season. You are getting into one of your philosophical states of mind.”

“Yes in the words of Cat Nietsche “Without meows, life would be a mistake.”

Daily Feline Prompt: To turn is to meow

5 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: To turn is to meow

      • I didn’t know about feline’s sleeping habits. Thanks for making me wise. While reading your reply I just noticed a mistake in my previous comment it should be ‘feel sleepy’. Might be I wanted to write ‘I feel like sleeping’ but subconsciously typed sleepy.


  1. Tabby as a very good point. Today has definitely been part of the sleepy season for me! Had to get up, let the dogs out, and go back to sleep. Paying the price for too much reading last night (I just had to finish that book) 🙂

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