Daily Feline Prompt: Fifteen Feline Credits and a sick feline

If you’re in school, are you enjoying your classes? If you’re out of school, what do you miss about it — or are you glad those days are over? We felines do not go to school, our mum teaches us everything we have to know.

At the vets

“Tabby where were you this morning. I saw you enter your feline recycling processing unit and suddenly you were put in a cage and gone.”

“Let’s not talk about it Fluffy, it was degrading, but I felt so miserable that I had to let them get on with it.”

“Did you go to the nice uncle doctor.”

“I went to the vet, but nothing about nice uncle doctor.”

“What happened.”

“I made a mistake in the recycling unit and Mrs. Human got all worried. She thought I was a goner, just because I was sitting around doing nothing afterwards and felling at death’s door.”

“Were you at death’s door Tabby.”

“The lady vet had a look at me, applying all sorts of degrading examinations inserting a thermometer into your most private part and even force feeding me on a tablet, but I showed them. When we arrived at the vets the car smelt very much of my recycled matter. Mr. Human was not happy driving. Eventually they let me go, so I decided to feel better.”

“Did you really feel better Tabby?”

“I suppose I did. I heard something about having powder sprinkled on our vitamin pellets tomorrow morning, it is supposed to be good for me.”

“Can I eat it too Tabby?”

“No problem Fluffy, I heard Mrs. Human ask the vet what would happen if you eat it as well, as it seems you eat everything that arrives in our bowls and the lady vet found it would do no damage.”

“Oh good, something new in our food bowl.”

“Yes Fluffy, you can eat my share as well.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Fifteen Feline Credits and a sick feline

10 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Fifteen Feline Credits and a sick feline

  1. Our cat Big Guy was the sweetest cat in the world. Smart too, but sickly from the day we got him. His illness was manageable via antibiotics except that Big Guy — my sweet boy — became monster devil cat if you tried to give him a pill or even water by mouth. Eventually we gave up and I gave him injections of antibiotics. I got very good at it — and fast. If he had let us treat him for the chronic infection that eventually killed him using other oral antibiotics, he could have had more years. But he was impossible. Still, he had a decent run and I have never regretted doing the most we could, the most he would let us do.

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    • The vet asked today if we have problems giving Tabby a tablet and we both said yes. The vet gave him one at the surgery, but had to be careful that she didn’t bite off her finger. Nera also came into the conversation, Tabby’s litter sister. She really seemed to have left her mark on the vet surgery and they remembered when she came all the precautions they had to take to give her treatment, like putting her in a zip up bag without only the head showing, to keep her quiet.


  2. I should give my tom heart medication. But the process of applying that to him (either in tablet or on fluid-form) would stress the poor animal mightily – not ideal when we are talking about a heart disease …

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      • Neither are the people at my vet clinic when they have to apply deworming pills to my two once a year. Funny when I come to the vet with my little one’s eye problems. She is not cooperative. And they always want me, living alone with the cats, to apply eye-drops … I told them, when I use one arm to press the fighting cat against my body and hold the head still (as if that was possible) and use the second hand to open the eye of the cat how shall I drip the drops without a third arm, my yoga teacher has not yet taught me how to use a leg for that. Their comment: You are not trying hard enough.


  3. My last cat was described as “not the worst we’ve had here…” which is not a good comparison (he was horrible when he went to the kitty-cat doctor’s office, but a love at home). One of my current cats is “one of the best behaved cats we’ve seen.” I’m blessed to have (had) both of them to call mine.
    Hope your cats are well!

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