Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Clean Slate

Explore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who is the feline that owns it?

Ok another re-blog from two years ago when the chief cat Nera was still with us. She wrote the blog and now it appears on the felines own page.

Nera at the top, Fluffy below

“Mrs. Human I think you can leave this one to us, Me, Nera the chief cat, my assistant Tabby and apprentice Fluffy. Human imagination is just not equipped for this sort of thing. You have been here for some time and take everything for granted. Your ideas on this would be just boring and useless.”

“But Nera, I thought felines have short, or even no memories.”

“Exactly Mrs. Human, just as I said. We see the human living room new every day.”

“Nera, humans are just like dogs. They obey but do not ask questions. We felines take a message and think about it” Tabby remarked.

“I cannot even see, I think, but this room smells differently every day according to the atmospherics” which was Fluffy’s view on things.

“Felines, are you sure about this, I mean you have been living here for many years.”

“Mrs. Human, no problem” answered Nera. “We do not live here, it is our existence, our life, our state of mind. Humans just live here, but they have no depth.”

“Nera this conversation is getting a little too advanced for my simple human brain.”

“Exactly, so let us get on with it. OK, Nera.”

“Of course Tabby. Let us begin.”. Nera decided to lead the discussion being the chief feline in the group.

“This morning when I awoke I took a morsel of food and entered the so called living room. It was different.”

“Just what I was going to say Nera.”

“Fluffy Selkirk Rex felines should be seen and not heard, and you being blind I ask myself what you saw.”

“Nera I still do not know what this blind thing is. Of course I see everything. This morning the living room smelt different, sort of a strange whiff in the air.”

“That was because Mrs. Human took a walk with the noise machine which sucks so-called dust. I think she calls it a vacuum cleaner. It always smells different afterwards according to what she has sucked up with it.” Tabby was quite proud of her answer.

“Correct Tabby” said Nera.

“You see felines, I am not so stupid as you think” was Fluffy’s reaction.

“And the room is completely new and different after the sucking operation. My favourite chair has moved nearer to the table. I had to paw around until I found it.” Fluffy continued.

“I know, typical Human. They have the impression that everything is much cleaner after the vacuum thing, but the smell is not the same and the furniture is not according to our feline habits. Tabby, write down that we felines see this room with new eyes every day due to no consideration from the human species.” Nera stamped her paw to emphasise her remark.

“Nera, shall I use the computer or the PawPad to write it all down.”

“You have to use the computer Tabby, because you have to save it all and post it to that bloggy site thing.”

“But the PawPad is easier.”

“Do I have to do everything myself?”

“OK Nera, but I might make a few mistakes.”

“Why am I surrounded by idiots?”

“Nera I am not an idiot, I am your chief assistant. And talking of seeing the room completely new, Mrs. Human cleaned the glass table with that smelly stuff. The one she sprays everywhere. Gets up my nose and makes me sneeze.”

“I heard Tabby, couldn’t close my eyes for a deep sleep because of the noise you were making.”

“Ok, Nera I am writing – Mrs. Human sprayed the table and the fumes got into my throat and nose. The table now smells like something else and Nera could not sleep.” Tabby was quite pleased with her work and typed it all carefully into the computer.

“I have an idea felines. Shall I do some spraying around the room to give it a better atmosphere. Something more feline, and to show the Humans who really owns this place.” It seems Fluffy has some good ideas now and again.

“Fluffy that was brilliant, but I just have a feeling that Mr. and Mrs. Human would not be very happy. There might be loud voices and a new unknown smell from some sort of strong cleaning liquid. They do not always understand our feline requirements. Our recycling process has been restricted to a box with special sand when we are indoors and they seem to think that the spraying operation should only take place out of doors.”

“But we masculine felines love to spray Nera” said Fluffy.

“I know Fluffy, but not inside. And as far as masculine or female is concerned, that was one change we all had many years ago, so do not expect any understanding from the human race if you start to spray to keep everything under feline control.” That seemed to be Nera’s final word.

Mrs. Human entered the room.

“So felines, have you written something for this Daily Prompt?”

“We are just finished Mrs. Human.”

“Can I read it?”

“Too late Mrs. Human” said Tabby “I have just uploaded it onto the web site.”

Daily Prompt: Feline Clean Slate

7 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Clean Slate

  1. Cats, dogs, and my husband. I exchanged the picture over the fireplace this morning. Garry wanted to know what was wrong with the old one. “Other than I’m tired of looking at it?” I asked? That was obviously not a good enough answer and he is still slightly hurrumphed, moodwise.

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  2. Cleaning can be a problem. My Mrs. Human insists on washing the pillow covers whenever I carpet them with a thick coat of my fur. It is very annoying that after the laundry is done, I must immediately groom in that spot to restart the process. All furniture and clothing can only be improved with a fur coat.

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  3. Dear Tabby, Fluffy and Nera (RIP), We masculine canines also like the spray. I’m quite good at it and my human calls me the Baryshnikov of dog urine because I can lift my leg very high! I specialize on spraying things she loves so they will not leave her and everyone will know they belong to my human and me. Yours always and forever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • As a member of the female feline race I do not spray, I make neat little groups. Fluffy is quite good at spraying, she has already killed two plants in the garden and in particular places there is a very strong smell. Yes our borders are well marked.

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