Daily feline post: The purrfect feline game

You’re set to play catch the mouse with a group of four. Write a story set during this game. Or, describe the ideal match: the players, the relationships — and the hidden rivalries.

Fluffy helping to stick football photos

“Tabby do we play games?”

“Not that I know of, our life is an earnest task. Everything we do has a meaning, a purpose and playing games is definitely not part of it.”

“That’s what I thought. Mrs. Human once got this book and began sticking photos in it. I think it was something to do with a football tournament and she had to have all the photos, but she never got them all. What a waste of time. I am glad we have more important things to do. The prompt says to describe all about our game, but the only thing I can understand are the hidden rivalries, although even that is not true.”

“Of course not Fluffy, if we have a rival we do not hide it and usually eliminate the rival with a paw swipe, a hiss, and in the worst case a feline fight.”

“But I have never seen you fight Tabby, you always run away.”

“I am not a fool Fluffy, especially when the other feline is bigger than I am. Actually it is all part of my strategy, I confuse the other feline.”

“By running away?”

“Of course, he has to find me.”

“But I though we do play games sometimes, like find the mouse or catch the bird.”

“Fluffy, they are not games, they are the training sessions. We have to keep fit and ready for the pounce. No feline will catch anything if it does not have a spring in its step and sharp claws. As the great feline philosopher, Albert Catzenstein said “You have to learn the rules of the feline game and then you have to scratch, bite and paw better than any other feline”, wise words.

“Yes Tabby, he really knew what he was talking about. He was the feline that discovered the theory of feline relativity meaning that according to how many mice there are, you should adapt your speed.”

“Exactly Fluffy, very wise. I can see you are paying attention to the laws of light pawness.”

Daily Feline Post: the perfect feline game

8 thoughts on “Daily feline post: The purrfect feline game

  1. Fluffy and Tabby you made me confuse between games and training sessions. I’m convinced that you have to be sharp and fit to catch a mouse but that is your game also, no? I should seek Mrs.Human’s opinion on this.

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  2. But they did play games, silly kitties. When they were kittens. They played “pounce” and “beast in cave” and “charge the paper bag”. And hockey is very popular with cats everywhere, not to mention chase that shiny spot on the wall!

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    • The only game I remember them playing as kittens was “hide from the vacuum cleaner” because it was a little too noisy for them. I have now uploaded a game for tabby on the iPad, but up to now no great inspiration.


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