Daily Feline Prompt: Game of Hiss

Think about an object, an activity, or a cultural phenomenon you really don’t like. Now write a post (tongue in cheek or not — your call!) about why it’s the best thing ever.

My friend's Alsatian

“Hisss, more hisses, double hiss”

“Fluffy, I think that is enough hissing. Are you looking for a fight?”

“Tabby I never fight. I take a leaf from your catnip and just run away, but the prompt says to think about an object we do not like. I chose a photo and now I am hissing, because I do not like dogs.”

“Yes, there is some basic truth in your feelings Fluffy, apart from the fact that I never run away. I face the facts. It just so happens that I sometimes do not like the facts.”

“An so you run away.”

“All a matter of interpretation. It might be that just at that moment when the dog appears Mrs. Human calls for a dish of tuna and then I am faced with a choice. Dog or tuna.”

“So you mean we should be friendly with dogs and not be frightened when they bark and chase us.”

“Not exactly Fluffy. Dogs grow just a little bigger than we are, and have loud voices and you know how sensitive our hearing is. Mrs. Human has often been surprised when she is opening a tin of tuna and I am on the other side of the field and suddenly appear.”

“That is because humans are somewhat primitive and under developed Tabby. By the way, talking of noise, there were explosions today outside, I had to hide under the bed and wait for them to go away. Were we being attacked by a new type of nuclear dog?”

“No Fluffy, the humans were practising for their national Swiss day tomorrow with fireworks.”

“Oh, I see. But we celebrated Bastet’s birthday as well, but not with so much noise.”

“That is because we do it by whisker vibrations and telepathy. The humans being primitive, they have to make noise and combine it with explosive objects in the sky.”

“Does that mean that tomorrow in the evening when we stay indoors and play with our pawpads?”

“Yes Fluffy, I am afraid so.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Game of Hiss

4 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Game of Hiss

  1. Dear Tabby and Fluffy — I think you would like my new sister. She is very gentle, very soft and much quieter than I am. She’s calm, never moves quickly (unless our human tries to put her in a closed space — she hates that). I also do not like those explosions. We recently had my human’s national day, and there were fireworks. Are you afraid of thunder? I am. Mindy and I hide in the bathroom. I don’t know yet what our new sister will do, but she’s probably too calm to care. Yours forever and ever and ever, Dusty T. Dog. Greetings from Mindy and Polar Bear

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    • Meow Dust
      The springing point by the whole task is, can she meow or purr? We are not afraid of thunder, we are not afraid of anything, even dogs. We just like to avoid the inevitable. No point in risking a life, even if you do have another 8 waiting to take over.

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  2. I once read an article or maybe it was a book in which it said that the reason our cats bring us offerings of dead mouse is because they look upon us as gigantic, retarded, and really ugly kittens that can’t survive unless they bring us food.

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    • My felines said there is a half truth, the bit about humans being half wits etc. Otherwise we bring them a mouse if it smells or has began to decay. We only reserve the best for the felines.


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