Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Community Service

Your entire community — however you define that; your hometown, your neighborhood, your family, your colleagues — is guaranteed to read your blog tomorrow. Write the post you’d like them all to see.

noranemo 007

“That is not community Fluffy, that is one of the basics of kitten life. Get your milk, drink it, grow up and go.”

“I thought it would be a nice photo for today’s contribution.”

“We are supposed to be writing something that everyone would like to read.”

“No way Tabby. People do not really like reading everything we write, some even find it is silly, as if we felines write rubbish.”

“Fluffy, let them think what they want to. It is a human fact that they all think they are perfect.”


“I know what you want to say Fluffy. We are perfect and that is the difference. We do not waste time thinking about it and convincing all the other felines how good we are, we do not have to, it is quite clear.”

“So what is the point of writing a feline blog.”

“Somewhere out there, we have a community of felines that like our word to be spread.”

“Who reads our blog?”

“I am sure Roschti does, Bubu, and Tiddles. They are all followers in Whiskerbook. I have heard that there are also humans that follows us, but they do it in secret.”

“Why in secret Tabby?”

“Because they do not want it to be known that they read a blog written by felines.”

“So shall we stop writing?”

“No, Fluffy. We have drawn our borders in our territory and now we will keep them. Besides, we might be discovered for a Feline Pulitzer prize with our writing. We could win the golden tuna fish tin.”

“Oh, can we eat it.”

“No, not quite, we will have to continue writing and then we might have the golden paw friendly tin opener to go with it.”

“And then.”

“Forget it Fluffy, who wants to eat tuna fish with lumps of gold.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Community Service

4 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Community Service

  1. Just too good ! I like the satire made on those who visit secretly. No fears, only a clear message. Tabby and Fluffy, I also think so many times that who reads my blog. I at times feel discouraged and then look at golden oldies who do it so convincingly each day. I tell them “Keep inspiring”. You both start follow them. They are so good.

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