Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Decisions

How are you more likely to make an important decision — by reasoning through it, or by going with your gut?

Tabby portrait

All reasonable feline decisions are made by gut.”

“What’s gut Tabby?”

“One of those human expressions, mainly applied by our telepathic feline friends in the land of hamburgers and French Fries.”

“Oh, I love hamburgerTabby, but the french fries are more in the human line of things.”

“Not necessarily Fluffy. I am a so-called carbohydrate feline and am quite partial to a morsel of French fry or even a potato chip, but to answer your question the “gut” would be our digestive system.”

“So we make our important decision through our digestive system which is very logical. If it moves and is smaller than you, kill it and afterwards eat it, being that it is not slimy like a snail, or does not have a bitter taste like a bug.”

“Very wise Fluffy. Yes, we do not just pounce, and eat. We kill, think about it, examine it, have a sniff and then of course eat it.”

“And that is how we arrive at an important decision.”

“Yes, Fluffy. If it is bigger than you, run before it can think about chasing you and head for the cat flap. Then wave a paw from the other side. If it waves back it means that it is still ready and waiting, and then the best decision would be to have a sleep and hope that it might disappear in the meanwhile.”

“What if it doesn’t disappear?”

“Than sleep a little longer Fluffy. We felines are very patient.”

“And if the other is also a feline?”

“Fluffy, don’t ask stupid questions, decide for yourself.”

“Ah, I see Tabby, you always say that when you don’t know the answer.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Decisions

6 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Decisions

  1. Dear Tabby and Fluffy, The way we canines deal with this is by having a set hierarchy of needs. The most important things are food, water and shelter and our mind/gut tells us to be sure of those things. Everything else is a luxury. This is one advantage to being friends with humans (as I’m sure you know). For us canines, all other decisions are options. I especially like it when I’m asked to make a decision about whether I want to take a walk. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      these psychological discussions are really interesting. Up to now we felines have actually only really thought about our digestive system, everything else is a side dish. We realised when we adopted our human, that we was onto a good thing. She even cleans our bowls in the morning, although we never asked her to. Taking walks is a feline decision, although we usually take them with a target in mind, you never know what might cross your path that is edible. The word “friend” does not really exist in meow as we have not yet discovered whether it is an advantage or not. Must ask Bastet about that the next time I send him a message before sleeping.
      Enjoy your next dinner and make a good pull on the lead in the right direction, the direction you want to go (just a little feline advice)
      Sleep well – Tabby and Fluffy

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  2. Hi Tabby and Fluffy, I was away from home for last three days, went to nearby town to attend an event and I had this gut feeling that by the time I join you both you must have taken a mutual decision without really show disagreement but as luck would have been chances are bleak since Tabby is more interested in sleeping rather than solving the issue as usual…..Lazy bum, huh ! Did I tell you I missed you both?

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    • It’s your choice, but make sure you are insured for unprecedented events. I cannot guarantee a smooth passage. Today I am cleaning the bathroom. do you want to do it for me, to learn how it works?


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