Today there will be no feline daily prompt. Our blind Fluffy had an accident at lunch time and injured one of his eyes. I do not want to go into details, but we took him at once to the vet. We were lucky that they have an emergency service on Sunday.

He will be operated this afternoon and his eye will be removed. We do not know the outcome as it is a 2 hour operation and a lot of anaesthetic for a feline, but we hope for the best. The owner of the vetinary clinic will be performing the operation with another vet. She knows Fluffy since he was a kitten, so we know he is in good hands.

We are keeping our fingers crossed He has been blind for the last ten years, but there is always a remaining risk. He was alone when it happened and tabby was outside. We really don’t know what exactly happened,


28 thoughts on “Fluffy

  1. I just know how you feel. And so does every moggie-owner who had a cat “in the theatre” for something else but a standard neutering. Eye removals are not that complicated – they are done a lot with felines who are caught too late to safe an eye after an infection. So your vet should be knowing what she is doing. Still you will be uneasy. I hope all will turn out well. Have you read one of the guest posts on Katzenworld? That cat had both eyes removed.

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  2. First of all, I’m sending healing & comforting thoughts to Fluffy, Tabby and you. I wish the surgery will go well, I wish he will recover soon and well and that the 3 of you will be able to go back to your daily routine. There, I’m sending cuddles too.

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  3. Thank you all for your thoughts and wishes for Fluffy. We have just had news from the vet and he came through the operation OK. They have removed the eye and discovered that it probably happend because of the pressure behind the eye. It was always somewhat larger than the other eye. fluffy is still at the vets and is recovering from the anaesthetic. We will look in tomorrow to see how he is and everything going well we can take him home on Tuesday, as he still has a dressing on the eye.
    You are a great bunch of people and your thoughts really helped me through the afternoon. I will give him a squeeze from you all when I see him tomorrow.

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