Daily Feline Prompt: These Felines were made for meowing

Today, share something you love about yourself  — don’t be shy, be confident! — but that few other people know about you or get to see very often.


Tabby here. Today I am prompting on my own. Fluffy arrived home from the vet this morning and is still sleeping off the effects of his operation. Now and again he takes a few steps, but sinks into sleep again, although I notice the steps are increasing. He sends best wishes and said I should tell everyone about I, me and myself.

Of course, I am a very confident feline, what I do is always the right decision. It sometimes happens that my actions are misunderstood by the humans. If I give a scratch after being stroked by Mrs. Human, it is through a misunderstanding. I did not want to be stroked. Sometimes I only drink the liquid from the tuna fish, but that does not mean I a finished with the food. I leave the rest for later. My favourite place for sleeping at the moment is outside, although I can see the leaf soldiers are beginning to fall from the trees. It will soon be time to sleep inside.

Yes the leaf soldiers are a threat to the tranquility of a feline life. If the wind blows, they attack and we felines must be present to stop the advancement of the leaves. Eventually they disappear. Either Mrs. Human sweeps them away, or they just die and lay in the garden, motionless.

Another thing about myself is that I hate vets. Fluffy also hates vets, especially at the moment. Actually when I think of it, all the felines I know hate vets. Must be hereditary. And now to join Fluffy in the land of dreams, yes I love sleep. Oh, the secrets I carry around in my fur.

Daily Feline Prompt: These Felines were made for meowing

7 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: These Felines were made for meowing

  1. Dear Tabby, thanks for the good news. Fluffy is fine and the surgery went off well, that’s really so nice. As far as you are concerned you seem to miss all those arguments with Fluffy, no? I can understand you hatred for vets. Even I hate docs, I mean the vet for humans. Take care of Fluffy till he is strong enough to disagree with you on every thing under the earth.

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  2. Selkirk Rex , very interesting, Our daughter Frankie raised Himalayans for many years and attended cat shows all over she is out of the breeding business now. Wide load was a white Persian and he had a black short haired brother who was also very large. They did not get along very well. That was one reason Wideload came home with us and the other cat stayed back in Michigan.

    We lived on an acreage in the country near here and had some outside cats in the barn. One mother cat got run over by a car and she had two new babies. I brought them into the house and found I was in for a real learning experience. I got cat replacement melt from the vet and started feeding them. The vet’s assistant asked me if I knew how to take care of them and I said ‘I guess so.’ She informed me you have to massage their little bottoms to make them go potty or they’re not going to live very long, she gave me a few more tips, those two little cats survived and grew up thinking I was their mother.

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