Daily Feline Post.: I’ve become my feline parents

Do you ever find yourself doing something your parents used to do when you were a kitten, despite the fact you hated it back then?


“I do everything that my parents did when I was a kitten, what else am I supposed to do. I use my recycling tray when necessary, otherwise bury it in the neighbour’s garden. I eat my food regularly. This morning I even coughed up a hairball, because I probably ate too much. There was not really any hair, just decided to set up the record in eating vitamin pellets.”

“And I had to clear it away Tabby.”

“Only some of it, the rest Mr. Human cleared away. In any case you both did a good job and it was a nice clean floor afterwards.”

“And then you decided to eat more.”

“Of course I did, I had room for more after coughing it all up. Logical Mrs. Human, we felines are very logical creatures. I also lick myself clean before sleeping and after eating. My mum did that as well, she showed us how to do it. I am not sure about my dad, but he disappeared before I was born. Mum said he was a very clean feline, although looked a bit scruffy sometimes after he had spent a night on the tiles.”

“But did you hate it all back then Tabby?”

“I was never asked. I had my moments, but nothing that a 23 hour sleep could not cure. Oh yes, that’s another thing I did that my parents also did. Sleep seems to have run in the family, we were all good sleepers.”

Daily Feline Post: I’ve become my feline parents

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