Daily Feline Prompt: Lazy Feline Learners

Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn but haven’t gotten around to? What is it and what’s stopping you from mastering the skill

Tabby through the window

“Not really, I can do it all, after all I am feline and felines are born with the highest intelligence. We were once worshipped as God. Mrs. Human, open the window.”

“Tabby it would be more polite if you meowed “could you open the widow please”.”

“Mrs. Human what is “please”, it does not exist in meow and having discussions about useless words will not open the window for me.”

“But all you have to do is push your nose on the cat flap. It even works both ways now, you can enter and leave as you please.”

“I do not have time for theoretical discussions Mrs. Human, so open the window.”

“And I do not have time to open and close windows.”

“Mrs. Human I do not have the time to sit around outside. There is a plate of food waiting for me, my recycling tray and after a detailed wash I need my beauty sleep.”

“All you have to do is position your special entrance magnet in the right place and the cat flap will open automatically.”

“Big deal, but I have other important things to do than playing with cat flaps that open with magnets. And the ginger tom from next door is on the lurch, so open the window otherwise I will break through the cat flap, he is getting nearer and hissing.”

“Oh, that is an emergency situation Tabby. As an exception I will open the window.”

“About time too.”

“The word is “Thankyou”. Ok I know it does not exist in meow, so where is the ginger tom?”

“What ginger tom? But now I am inside and ready for food, a recycle and sleep. Who cares about ginger toms, it was my intelligent answer and plan to enter in dignity.”


“Yes Mrs. Human”

“Forget it.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Lazy Feline Learners

6 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Lazy Feline Learners

    • And then there was one – Tabby is now on her own unfortunately. We have now put in a new cat flap. We had to lock it to go out when we had Fluffy because he was blind and now tabby can go in and out as she pleases. It took a week until she realised that she no longer has to wait for us to open the window. since yesterday she had discovered that she now has the key to freedom and is in and out all the time. She never goes far, being a feline in later years.

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  1. Dear Tabby — My friends in another city have such a flap. I am quite good at using it and my little sister even learned. But when she learned she kept going in and out and in and out as if she’d discovered something extremely impressive. I think my human wants to install one here, but she has to replace a whole door to do it. I have to say, I think you are very rude to your human. A little kindness goes a long way, but then, I am a dog. Yours always and forever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      Mrs. Human thinks that I am a happy feline now that the cat flap is open all the time. She does not realise that self service is not a feline thing. We prefer to be waited on for all our needs. Now she refuses to open the window for me. I will have to work out a plan to alter her system, after all we were worshipped as gods. Even in the feline world things change Humans call it progress, I call it bein human
      Have a good bark

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