Daily Feline Prompt: Felineprops

Invent a definition for the word “Felineprops” then use the word in a post. 

Tabby sleeping

“Tired Tabby?”

“Of course I am. You would be tired after chasing Felineprops all over the garden.”

“We have Felineprops in the garden.”

“Don’t worry, they can only be seen by feline eyes, although I must say they are quite tasty if you catch one.”

“Where to do find them Tabby?”

“Sorry, Mr. Human, it is a feline secret. Only the chosen paws without opposable thumbs are allowed to know. Paws with can opening adaptions are forbidden.”

“What colour are they?”

“Don’t ask silly question. Felinecolour of course. Look there goes one?”


“It just disappeared between the rosemary and the thyme. See that mound of purple earth?”

“Not really, but then I do not have feline sight. The only mound I see is the one you made this morning for your recycling process in the garden.”

“Now don’t get personal Mrs. Human. This is serious. Feline props are spreading their influence everywhere. As the great Mark Paws Twain said “Felineprops make the feline. Furless felines have little or no influence on Felineprops”. “

“I don’t quite get that one Tabby.”

“Of course not, it takes a special intelligence, usually feline, to understand the value of having Felineprops in your territory.”

“Err, Tabby would you like a dish of Felineprops, sorry Tuna fish.”

“Of course, it does have a somewhat more refined taste than raw Felineprops.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Felineprops

5 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Felineprops

  1. Dear Tabby, I was out and went to a place where I could not get connected to global world. As I m reading this my heart is sinking as I don’t get to see Fluffy’s name. Please tell me about him. Is he allright. When I left he was in critical stage. I prayed for him in the temple and I m sure he is hale and hearty. Mrs.Human must be giving him his favorite tuna fish. I want to listen good news.

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    • Fluffy has now joined Nera in his 10th life. As you know he had quite a long operation to remove his eye. Afterwards he was at home to recover, but was no longer eating and only drinking now and again. He was at the vets almost daily for an infusion. His blood values were very poor and after a week his kidneys were failing, so we had no other choice but to have him put to sleep. It was on the day before I travelled to London. We miss him very much, but his time had come and there was no point in prolonging his suffering, although he did not seem to be in pain, just completely exhausted. Now Tabby is alone. We once had three cats and now have just Tabby. That is one of the reasons why Mrs. Human now shares Tabby’s blog, although Nera and Fluffy pay a visit from time to time.


      • Oh, I did not want to read all this but at the same time I expected something like this in absence of Fluffy’s name in the blog. RIP fluffy. He was like a family to you and I can understand the pain of losing your family member. Anyway I will still read your conversation Tabby.

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  2. Tabby is a beauty. We are losing both Bishop and Amber … Bishop on Monday. Amber in a few weeks. Of course, we lost Nan a few weeks ago. It is very hard when you lost a whole family. You have my heartfelt sympathy. And empathy. It’s a very difficult time.

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    • It is strange to have just one feline instead of three. Tabby is one of those strong felines I think. An everage tabby feline that carrys on regardless. In her 13 years the only problem she once had was tonsilitus, but in a week she got over it after force feeing with tablet, which she hates. She now has the key to the cat flap and can go and come a she pleases, although we had to get her used to it. We always had to lock it from inside becaue Fluffy was blind. Now it is open on both sides, although she never goes too far. I can imagine how empty your home now seems without the dogs, you probably see them everywhere in their favourite places. I still havn’t got used to losing Nera. She was a character and she left us more than a year ago Mr. Swiss says he no longer wants any pets and I am with him on that. They bring us so much positive in life, but it is a tragedy when they go.


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