Daily Feline Prompt: Connect the Feline Dots

Scour the news for an entirely uninteresting story. Consider how it connects to your life. Write about that.


“I don’t believe it.”

“What’s up Tabby?”

“I just read Paw News, my online newspaper. “Threat to territory, is nothing sacred to the red feline?” and there is a photo of Roschti taking a look around my territory. He is a danger to all self-respecting felines and should be removed at once.”

“Then do something about it Tabby.”

“Who me? I will have to think about it. He might retaliate with his claws of steel.”

“He has steel claws?”

“Who knows, you cannot trust Roschti with anything. There is even an interview with him:

“Mr. Roschti what are your intentions with this piece of land. Will you make it your future home?”

“It is already my future home, there is just one feline specimen that I intend to remove.”

“But he my not want to go.”

“That could be a problem, but I will bribe him with a tin of tuna fish, or drug his water with essence of catmint.”

Did you read that Mrs. Human, he thinks I am weak, will do anything for tuna fish or cat mint.”

“Oh, you mean that you no longer want to eat the dish of tuna fish I was preparing for your evening meal?”

“I am thinking about it. Of course, I could avoid Roschti. If your consider the photo, he is already looking in the other direction. He might have a “Bubu” problem.”

“You mean the overweight Kartause feline that also lives here and has a right to his own territory.”

“It’s a matter of interpretation Mrs. Human, but I believe the coast is now clear. Roschti has moved on and I can hear the screams and hisses of a feline disagreement. My territory is saved. Roschti has other problems. So what about my dish of tuna fish?”

Daily Feline Prompt: Connect the Feline Dots

6 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Connect the Feline Dots

    • Tabby will rarely drink direct from the bowl. She carefully dips his paw in and has a sniff. There is no fooling Tabby and she is suspicious of everything that walks on paws and is covered in fur. It might be/will be a rival.

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  1. Dear Tabby, There’s a black lab who seems to have designs on my alley. I watch for him when we walk by, but my human is very forceful in making me look ahead and not bark at him to remind him of my rights. My human says, “Stop it, Dusty. He’s sleeping in his own yard.” What does she know? Yours always, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      I know it is difficult to teach the humans the real meaning of territorial values. Those black labs, as Roschtis, are everywhere. They lurk and wait for their chance, so it is up to us to remain cool and steadfast and intolerant of such actions. Never forget, whether canine or feline. we stand alone but will be the last to fall – or something like that. Mark your territory with pride.
      May the canine force be with you – Tabby

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