Daily Feline Prompt: Singular Feline Sensation

If one experience or life change results from you pawing your blog what would you like it to be?

Tabby in bed

“Tabby where are you?”

“I’m here Mrs. Human, taking a rest on my bed.”

“That is my bed Tabby, actually Mr. Human’s bed, and you have no business to be here. I had my suspicions when I saw that the bed cover was lifted on the side of the bed.”

“I was experiencing a life change to discover the results.”

“And what conclusion did you arrive at?”

“That human beds are not so comfortable as my bed. It is too far from the contact to nature – no earthy smell, no insects and the recycling pond is too far away, in a separate room. On the other hand you can now cover me again, I think I will remain and think it over for an hour or two.”

“Tabby, you will not remain, you will go to you own sleeping place.”

“OK, I am on my way. Can you perhaps put my dish of food into the refrigerator?”

“But your food is always ready in a bowel on the floor.”

“I told you, I am trying out a new experience in life.”

“Tabby food from the refrigerator is not for felines, it is too cold. You prefer it at room temperature.”

*Who said so.”

*I just know it.”

“Did you ask me?”

“Well, I thought …….”

“That is the problem with humans, they think too much.”

“Where are you going now.”

“I am still thinking about this bed thing. I have not yet made up my mind. Wake me in a couple of hours and I will decide if it is worth a mention in my feline blog.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Singular Feline Sensation

7 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Singular Feline Sensation

  1. I love that picture. It’s a total hoot!

    I bought beds for the dogs. I bought a portable crib mattress for Bishop and a real cut doggy bed for Bonnie. Amber already had her own be. Bishop sleep next to his bed on the floor. Bonnie sleeps on the sofa. Amber sleep in Bonnie’s bed. I trip over everything.

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    • But let’s be honest, did you really expect the canines to sleep where you want them to sleep? Felines are easy to please, just put the bed on the highest place, usually at the top of a cupboard, and they are happy. The actual bed is secondary.

      That picture shows how good it is to have a phone nearby. I was in the bedroom and noticed that the bed cover was not so straight on one side, which is usually the proof that Tabby has decided to sleep beneath the cover. I lifted the cover an she poked her head out and I took the photo. It is not really upside down, I was standing next to the bed as she looked out.


    • I usually make room for her on the bed if she wants to take a nap in the afternoon. It is inconvenient of course, but anything to keep a human happy. the weather is now getting colder, so I prefer warmer places. The bathroom is very good, it is closed in on all four sides and has floor heating.

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  2. Dear Tabby, I don’t know what my human would do if I jumped up into her bed. I think it would be very loud, however. The first night my little sister was here, she was allowed on my human’s bed. She didn’t stay long. We’re all very large and probably there’s no room up there. Mindy and my little sister are currently in a territorial dispute over one end of the sofa. Mindy surrenders immediately if Bear wants to go up there. Mindy’s no fool. But most of the time Bear sleeps in a corner on what was once Lily’s bed. As for me? I just sleep in the middle of the room. I imagine if there were more of you and you were as large as we are, you would not be so lucky and get to sleep on your human’s bed. But my human says in that case you’d be a dangerous predator and you probably wouldn’t live there at all. Yours always and forever, Dusty T. Dog


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