Daily Feline Prompt: Saved by the meow

Tell us about a time when you managed to extract yourself from a sticky situation at the very last minute.


“There have been many sticky situations in my life. One of the reasons why we have nine lives. If I only had one I would not be here today to tell the story.

My first moment of terror, of fear, was when Mrs. Human closed the cupboard door and I was sleeping inside the cupboard.”

“That was your fault Tabby. You have to jump into every small space, curl up and sleep.”

“It was not my fault. You did not even bother to see if I was in the cupboard.”

“I did not expect you to be in the cupboard. The cupboard is reserved for human clothes and not as a sleeping quarter for a feline.”

“That is a matter for discussion. Human clothing objects are very soft and comfortable to lay on. The cupboard in itself is a very feline friendly construction. Closed on all sides with no external interference from noise or human movements. If you insist on having such a feline shaped place, then you must expect a feline to sleep in it. Naturally the door is to be kept open at all times in case we wish to move on to other sleeping quarters.”

“But you made so much noise in the cupboard that I found you straight away and opened the door.”

“Excuses, excuses. What would have happened if you had gone on one of those human territorial safaris to bring home food. I could have died in the cupboard, suffocated by lack of air. Or you might have found me at the last moment when I would have gathered the last of my strength to crawl out of the cupboard.”

“Tabby, so quickly that would not happen. The cupboard is not air tight and you would have enough air to breathe.”

“Oh thanks, so in the meanwhile I scream my meows and I am ignored. Imagine the state of my nerves.”

“You have nerves?”

“Of course I have nerves, although I know I am a cool cat. Remember when you opened the cupboard door and I fell out of the cupboard, it was very embarrassing.”

“So what did you learn from the experience?”

“That humans have no respect towards feline sleeping places.”

“No Tabby, that open cupboards are not open for felines to sleep.”

“I think this could develop into one of those psychological discussions.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Saved by the meow

7 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Saved by the meow

    • We don’t eat peanut butter so much in Switzerland. I will have to ask Tabby what she thinks. This evening it was a tuna fish evening, but being a feline of habit, she paid me a visit at the table to ask if there was anything else going. She left with a pice of ham between her teeth. Felines are never satisfied.

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      • Neither Garry nor I like peanut butter … but our cats always loved and and the dogs will eat ANYTHING with peanut butter on it … including medication which can otherwise be a real challenge to get them to accept. So we keep it in the house. For medicinal reasons, but it is very very sticky.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I might try it if I find it in the supermarket. Otherwise we use liver paste from the tube, although felines are a very suspicious breed. They eat the paste and leave the crumbs of the tablet.


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