Daily Feline Prompt: Right to Hiss

Tell us about something you (or a person close to you) have done recently (or not so recently) that has made you really, unabashedly proud.

“Quick Mrs. Human, I just caught a mega mouse, he was so big and ferocious I had to use all four paws and whiskers. He fought to the very end, but now I have him. I conquered this threat of the grey mouse. Look, he is no longer moving. Take my photo that everyone can see my heroic action.”

Tabby and a mouse

“Poor little mouse.”

“Mrs. Human, that mouse has met a heroic end, trapped in my claws. A martyr amongst the mice.”

“Well, he really isn’t moving and he is quite cold.”

“We do not bicker about temperatures Mrs. Human. He is my conquest.”

“But on second looks, I do not believe he ever lived. I think it is one of those feline toys stuffed with catnip to give felines something to brag about.”

“Mrs. Human do you have to spoil everything. All my fans and followers were so proud to see this photo. In Pawbook Tiddles just made a like with lots of smilies and Butch sent me a heart.”

“That might be Tabby, but that mouse remains a stuffed example of a feline toy.”

“But he is moving.”

“No, Tabby, he never moved, he was not born to move. And now let me put it away with the other kills you have made over the past months.”

“You mean with my pink bunny rabbit and grouse that I shot down in an online game.”

“Yes Tabby, there is a place for everything. Tabby let go of that mouse.”

“No, Mrs. Human, he is my kill and we now want to sleep together.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Right to Hiss

11 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Right to Hiss

    • Everything for the feline is stuffed with catnip here. It should be forbidden under the addiction law, although I think in this particular case of stuffed mouse the effect wore off some time ago. It had been through too many paws.


  1. “He is my kill and we now want to sleep together.” I think that’s a great opening line for a story. 🙂 Oh, here’s Dusty T. Dog. He wants to write to Tabby, OK, Dusty T, have at it. Hi Tabby, I have caught many mice in my time and several birds. What I WANT to catch is a squirrel. My frenemy, Cody O’Dog (RIP) is legendary for having caught the biggest squirrel on record. I’d like to have my chance even though the squirrels around here are pretty small in comparison to the legendary red beast that Cody brought down. BUT my human won’t let me. My little sister has much stuffed prey of the kind your human got you, though without the catnip. Catnip has no effect on canines. Yours always and forever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      Squirrels are probably a very tasty dish, but just a littlle too big and too high in the trees for us feline. We prefer to have all four paws on the ground for a feast. Nera of the ten lives was a good mouser, but so good that she could not eat them all, so there was always something left for me and Fluffy of the 10th life.But there must be a substitute for catnip, Try cannabis, I heard that can also send you on a trip to the land of canine dreams.
      Stay cool and don’t get to high on your doggy thoughts – greetings Tabby

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